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8 Tips to Choose Wall Art Based on Interior Design

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The most natural and the most common way of decorating the house and its walls is to choose wall art based on interior design. Of course, let’s not start this off on the wrong foot.

Interior decorating and choosing wall art is a personal choice. But without any lengthy explanations, there are certain pieces of wall art that look exceptional when paired with the right interior design style.

This way, (matching wall art with the colours and the dominant interior style) you get a room that’s more united and cohesively put together.

How to Choose Wall Art Based on Interior Design

Below, we’ve outlined eight of the most popular interior designs rampant in a lot of homes today. Taking their key features into account, learning how to choose wall art based on interior design for any of these designs won’t pose much of a problem.

As a general guide, it’s good to look at the dominant features in the room. Look at your furniture, the arrangement in the room, and of course, measure your empty wall space for wall art that’s just the right size.

#1 Contemporary Interior Design

3 Panel Abstract Dandelion Canvas Art
Abstract Dandelion Canvas Art

Contemporary interior design refers to the latest trends of home decor today. That also includes the recent years. We chose to mention this first, because a lot of houses built and remodeled lately do have contemporary interior design.

At the moment, contemporary interior design is all about incorporating the Memphis design; feminine tones like blush, dusty pink, and bronze; bright colors and graphic patterns; and the dominance of white.

A brief look at those new and flashy trends can easily clue us in on which wall art is highly appropriate for the contemporary. Invest in some abstract wall art or, of course, contemporary art.

#2 Oriental Interior Design

Waterfall in Motion

Oriental interior design refers to Asian-style interiors. But also, it’s a fusion of various designs. But for the most part, oriental interior design is mostly Japanese or Chinese expression. And the interesting part is that they both swing on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Japanese interior design tends to have similarities with Scandinavian and minimalist. On the other hand, Chinese interior style is more maximalist.


If your room is predominantly Japanese interior design, you probably have a lot of zen concepts incorporated. It’s going to be dominated with earthy tones and lots of shades of green. By contrast, Chinese interior style is lavish and accented with loads of red, gold, jade, and exquisite purple.

Choosing wall colours based on the dominant shade in the room will help you find oriental wall art that would match.

#3 Hollywood Interior Glam Interior Design

1 Panel Colorful Ballerina
Colorful Ballerina

You don’t see a lot of this in a lot of homes. But since Hollywood is such a worldwide phenomenon, and some fans of Hollywood Stars would die to have interior design reminiscent of their favorite, then Hollywood-styled interior design is certainly a thing.

And for this interior style, it’s all about making a statement. It’s largely associated with lavish furnishing, extravagant accents, luxury, lots of metallic and velvet, and color palettes that imbue the opulent lifestyle.

Fractal Patterns Wall Art

#4 Classical Interior Design

Blue Park

The emphasis on mixing and matching, plus the maximalist, and the idea of embracing patterns might give more homeowners a reason to try going for classical interior design. When it comes to classical style, comfort is regarded highly and taken into account.

This is characterised by prioritising comfort in formal settings. You get plush accents, fancy woodwork, thick and gilded frames, heavy drapes. All of it is coupled with symmetry, simplicity, and sophistication.

#5 Country Style Interior Design

5 Panel Sunflower in Sunset Canvas Prints
Sunflower in Sunset Canvas Prints

Country style interior design emphasises comfort a lot too, but in a different direction compared to classical. Where the latter gives off the vibe that you take comfort in the lush interior decoration, country style encourages people to embrace the natural side of life.

That’s why country style interior design is heavily characterised by worn wood, biophilia, handmade and sustainable decor, and using textured fabric as wall decor. In a nutshell, the prime muse of country style interior decor is nature.

For this, we would highly recommend floral artwork, or actual depictions of life in the country.

#6 Nautical Interior Design

6 Ocean and Blue
Ocean and Blue

Given in the name, nautical interior design is heavily inspired and derived from the beauty one can grasp in the blue of the ocean waters. It’s blue color palettes, sailing motifs galore, and various boat-related ornaments. Rustic furnishings (like driftwood) are also popular accent pieces.

And obviously, if you’re going to purchase wall art that would suit nautical interior design, invest in artwork that showcases the sea, the magnificent skyline, boats on the shore, and of course, the wide ocean. You can never go wrong with beaches too.

#7 Industrial Interior Design

Vintage World Map #3
Vintage World Map

Industrial interior design is reminiscent of a time when everybody was all about being practical. It shows in the primary features of this interior style. There are lots of exposed steel, timber, red bricks, and an overall sensible and rustic feel. It’s all about raw beauty and mercurial appeal.

Going by that, it’s safe to say that industrial interior design would pair well with artwork that also looks vintage, and neutrally-colored. Rustic pictures of cityscapes, famous landmarks, and world maps would be a great idea too.

#8 Bohemian Interior Design

Lovely Floral Patterns

2019 has ushered in the wave of boho interior styles with a twist. It’s still carefree, but it’s more curvy too.

Perhaps you’re familiar with bohemian interior style as organised chaos. And you would be right. It’s purposefully messy, and is made up of a combination of various materials that range from metallic to natural. Textured rugs, blankets over sofas, pillows, tassels, beaded ornaments, and crocheted curtains are all popular.

For this, you’re going to need wall art that’s just as fun and whimsical as the bohemian interior design.

When You Choose Wall Art Based on Interior Design

At the root of all this designing, choosing and purchasing your wall art and decorating your room with your favorite pieces is still all about having fun. Pick a wall art you love and match it with your interior decor, and enjoy the atmosphere of your newly decorated room.

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