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How To Decorate With Wall Art

Nothing looks more sad or hollow than a blank wall. However, decorating with art can be difficult, so much so that we are always put off before we even started. So, before you start buying art or fleeing to the hills, consider these artwork dos and don’ts to save you time and effort.


Make the walls a gallery with your photos. Get the photographs blown up, and then install them on foam core with spray adhesive.

Display art in any room of the home. Remember to have the living area, kitchen, and even the mudroom.

Instead of nails or screws, use picture-hanging hooks. They can withstand a significant amount of weight, up to 100 pounds for some sizes. They are using two hooks per piece to make it stay even.

During the hanging process, treat several items as a single entity.

Plan ahead of time for a picture wall. Place them on the ground in front of the wall and experiment with different arrangements before finding one that works for you.

In certain places, lean artwork against a wall. A piece leaned against the wall on a console table or mantle may look rather trendy. Layer a few bits together to create an eye-catching set.


Art should not have to be costly. You may build gallery walls out of family photos or install fabric or wallpaper. There is now an increasing number of low-cost online galleries to browse.

The focal point of a particular work or a grouping of works should be at eye level. Hang the artwork at a reasonable height.

If you have a tiny bit, frame it with a big mat. Don’t put a little section on a large wall.

It would be best if you did not hang art by yourself. It’s usually best to have at least two people on hand, so one can keep it in place while the other checks the placement.

There should be about two inches or less of space on either foot and below and above. Keep the bits from being too far apart.

Don’t place all of the big pieces in one field and all of the small pieces in another. The same can be said for identical frames. Move objects around until you’re confident that they’re visually aligned.

How to decorate a wall


Add texture with a weaving

Macramé wall hangings from the 1970s are making a significant comeback. The weavings bring texture and warmth to the otherwise cold walls. You can buy them on Etsy or try your hand at making your own.

Add removable wall art

Minted has a fantastic selection of mature, elegant removable wall art. The adhesive murals are available in several designs and have a luxurious matte finish. If you’re renting and don’t want to ruin the walls, removable wall art is ideal.

Hang an oversized calendar

An extensive calendar looks great on a wall in an office or kitchen. Keep track of your activities while also introducing a unique feature to liven up your room! To build a sleek look and add a splash of color, use vibrant and bold calendars with sans serif fonts.

Add a giant whiteboard or chalkboard

A large board is a fantastic versatile addition to every office, playroom, or kitchen. A chalkboard adds a rustic touch to every space, while a whiteboard is a more modern option—and they don’t have to be white (they come in a range of colors and prints). You can take it to a higher level and use WriteWallPaint to build a writeable surface on an entire wall.

Create a basket wall

I’m sure you haven’t considered this wall decor idea: Hang baskets! If you choose to go bright or neutral, an array of baskets of various sizes and textures will liven up every wall.

Hang a personalized map

Decorate your space with a big word map. You can get a customized map of a region, town, nation, or the entire world in almost any color scheme. You can personalize it even more by attaching pins to locations you’ve been or want to visit.

Install your television

Is there another option? Install a flat-screen to your wall. That can be a perfect way to open up space on top of your media cabinet, improve the appearance of your wall, and refresh the overall look of your living room or bedroom.

Install shiplap wall paneling 

Shiplap paneling will give your room a fresh coastal feel, and it fits in every room. Consider applying the wooden boards used as exterior siding to your dining room, study, entryway, or even bathroom walls if they need a facelift.

Fix the bikes to the wall

Creating a chic and streamlined wall-mounting framework for your bikes would free up floor space while still creating an eye-catching focal point that will convert your blank wall. This wall decor is one of the most creative and practical ideas around.

Make use of the wall for storage

If you have a tiny closet? Why not flaunt your finery by putting together a visually appealing and functional display? Hang hats in a cluster using hooks or a pegboard.

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Things to hang on walls 

A gallery wall with matching colors

Choose Things to hang on walls, objects and frames that will stand out against a background that already has some personality and color, as in this Philadelphia home. Black paint is an excellent choice for adding neon colors and white frames.

Accept macramé.

Macramé has returned and is not going anywhere anytime soon. This artsy craft-type adds texture and handmade charm to a room, whether it’s a plant hanger or a wall hanging, like the one over the bed in this Los Angeles home.

Patterned wallpaper

How can you spice up a room in a matter of hours? You can get temporary wallpaper!

This New Jersey home demonstrates how a combination of patterns and colors set against a colorful yet very neutral wallpaper will instantly transform a space.

Combine and contrast

The use of gallery walls isn’t limited to framed photographs and prints. In the pleasant, tiny composition on their pink living room wall, these Chicago homeowners used a pennant, fabric hangings, tassels, and other ephemera. They have used a beaded curtain and twinkle lights to make a unique and exciting backdrop for their television.

Pile on the textures.

How to decorate a wall? Decorating your walls with pieces that complement the rest of your room’s furniture, as seen in this Virginia house, is a foolproof way to accept maximalism. Colors and designs in wall art will complement items such as throw pillows and rugs.

You can hang wall plants in pots.

Wall-mounted planters are an excellent greenery option for the plant enthusiast with limited space. Jessica Sirls used only a few succulents to build a chic and space-saving succulent garden above her house.

Make an eye-catching wall hanging.

A bold piece of wall art decor may often be required to add character and visual appeal to space. Find a flashy wall hanging, or better yet, make your own à la A Beautiful Mess to add color and texture to an otherwise blank wall.

Showcase your favorites

Jenny Komenda is an expert on chic, storage-friendly wall decor. The Little Green Notebook blogger chose wall-mounted storage hooks to hang up her guitar collection inside her Arizona home, featured on Domino.

Take your hat off (s)

Storage hooks are helpful for more than just hanging umbrellas (or guitars, as seen above). A few wall hooks—self-adhesive ones are ideal for renters—can turn an empty wall into a sophisticated way to store your hats, similar to this wall of hats in textile artist Jane Denton’s studio on SF Girl by Bay.

Wall art is made up of various media.

In this vibrant Florida house, a combination of prints and sculptural wood bits stand out against the mint green paint. The inclusion of a lamp, basket, and potted plant enhances the artwork’s vibrant hues even further.

For a variation, try picture ledges.

Were you looking for a chic way to store (and display) some of your most prized possessions? Pictures ledges are shockingly inexpensive and quickly turn your prized possessions (like this wall of cameras on Alt for Damerne) into works of art.

Display your books

Do you adore the look of a well-styled bookshelf but are tired of your heavy bookcase? Mountable ledges and shelves (such as these from House & Home) work wonders in a limited space and encourage you to display books magazine-style.

Using paint pens, build a wall motif.

Were you for a creative way to spend your rainy weekend? Make your statement wall with a few bits of cardboard and paint pens, much as Laura from A Beautiful Mess did.

Dried flowers are the best.

Flowers, even when dry, will look lovely on a bare wall. Can you not trust us? Just one look at designer Ulla Johnson’s daughter’s dried floral wall show on Domino will make you reconsider tossing out your dead flowers in the future.

Crates for days on end

Wooden boxes, despite their simplicity, can be used to create an insanely chic wall display. Consider this wall of wooden storage crates in a Connecticut coffee shop, which was featured on West Elm’s blog and has plenty of storage space (but still looks just as good when empty).

The Bottom Line

Though blank walls can add a bit of visual balance to a room, they are mostly missed decorating opportunities. They are simply the ideal canvases for sharing your life stories and will give visitors a sense of who you are as an individual. However, for the same reasons, blank walls can be threatening. If you’ve been putting off filing your vacant wall space because you don’t know what to do about it, now’s your chance to get some ideas and hopefully cross this job off your decorating to-do list.

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