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Dining Room Wall Decor Scheme
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Dining Room Wall Decor Scheme for an Intimate Dining Experience

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Thinking about hosting a dinner party for your family and friends? Well, the first thing you should prepare is your dining room. 

Setting up the ambiance of your dining room will give it an intimate feel. Like that of famous restaurants and diners. It will also boost your guests’ positive vibes. You can also organize your living room to welcome them. 

How Important Sharing a Meal is with the People You Love?

Dinner gives us the opportunity to reconnect with family and friends. With that little time we spend eating with them has so many positive effects on our mental health. It’s always good to have a little conversation about how the day goes with them while sharing a meal.

Here are some of the dining room wall decor ideas that will make your dinner party extra special. 

1. Neat Shelves for Free Space in Dining Room Wall

Shelves are not only for storage. It’s also beautiful and neat to look at. Also, it makes our dining room tidy. You can display some of your important artifacts and collections here. 

There are many ways you can decorate your dining room with shelves. You can choose from different shelving systems. Floating shelving system appears to float over the walls. Top hung storage shelving should be mounted on the ceiling and the walls. Free-standing shelving should be installed standing on the floor. Fixed bracket type shelving is attached to a wall or a case. And built-in shelving systems are fitted within the spaces in homes.

You can arrange your shelves creatively according to your style. Also, you have to make sure what shelf best suits your dining room.

2. Classy Mirror for Empty Dining Room Wall

Adding a mirror to your dining room will make it look larger. It will also help brighten up your room. It’s a basic accessory and necessity in the house. Also, its one of the most used decor in homes to make your place classy. 

Mirrors will definitely add elegance to your dining room. But make sure that the view is great when you hang a mirror. For example, a mirror placed opposite the window will reflect the view and it’s as if you have another window.

If you have a small dining room space, a mirror can create an illusion. Making your room look spacious. According to Fox News lifestyle, it’s best to put a mirror above your dinner table to reflect the lights. You may even hang it across a wall art.

3. Collection of Plates Wall Decoration

Do you have a collection of plates from different places? Or do you have excess plates you’re not using? You can actually decorate your walls with these plates. It’s inexpensive and is very popular nowadays. 

There are many ways of decorating your walls using unused plates. You can even choose from a wide variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. If you have the plates ready, you can think of a shape that best suits your dining room. It’s even nice if the plates that you are going to showcase has a significant value to you. Maybe a good friend of yours gave it to you or you bought it somewhere from your last vacation as a remembrance. 

Many of us love collecting plates because of its unique design which is perfect for display. Some plates are even personalized so if you have any of those, consider using them as decor.

4. Setting the Room Atmosphere with Wall art

Eiffel Tower at the City
Eiffel Tower at the City

They say that France is a food lover’s dream place because of their mouth-watery culinary. A canvas art of the Eiffel Tower in Paris is one of the best options for you to display in your dining room. 

Wall art is a good addition to your wall decor. It can fill up large spaces in your empty walls. What’s nice about them is that it can incorporate itself with other wall decors in your room. You can even customize it to the photo you’ve love to see in your dining room. 

A wall canvas can be a scenery, a photo of your favorite food, and/or a quote of your favorite lines. It will definitely add class to your dining room especially if its match with good lighting.

5. Gallery Wall Decor to Show-Off Style

A gallery wall can help your guests feel at home. It’s also a great way to start a conversation with family and friends who’s photos are exhibited. You can reminisce those times when the photo was took and why it means so much to you. For sure, your visitors will enjoy the rest of the night knowing that you value memories.

Aside from the pictures, you can also hang your favorite quotes that motivate you. You can even put up a picture of your pet or the sport you play. No matter what you display on your gallery wall, make sure that it reflects you. It’s your own place anyway. So it’s best to make your home so much more like you and what you like.

Invite Family and Friends to Come Over for Dinner

Dinner Party with Friends
Dinner Party with Friends

Sharing a meal with your loved ones is one of the most special things on earth. There will be plenty of laughs and stories that you will get to enjoy. It’s one way to catch up with them in this fast pacing world. 

Your guests will feel even more special when they know that you have prepared well for them. And setting up your empty walls is the first step for an intimate dining experience. You can makeover your entire home with classy wall decor trends as well.

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