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Where To Buy Canvas Wall Art

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Nothing makes your home feel more like your home than decorating it with items that reflect and complement your style, which is why wall art is so vital. White walls that bore you? They don’t exude a lived-in, homey feel. However, art that appeals to your aesthetic and interests—and maybe even makes you smile—can make all the difference in the world. The key is to discover art that speaks to you, and occasionally scouring the internet is the only way to learn something new.

If you’re searching for cheap wall art prints to frame yourself or high-end artwork by established (and emerging!) artists, these are some of the best places to shop for art online. Prepare to spend hours browsing because these pages are jam-packed with options. Save as much wall space as you can for these pieces—you’ll need it until you see the art that awaits you.

The term “minted” refers to the act.

You may be familiar with Minted as a source for holiday cards and picture presents. However, the company still has an extensive, diverse collection of original artwork by various artists that you can order in almost any size you want, framed or unframed.

Where To Buy Wall Art Decor Online

Absolut Art

With its curated collection and a wide variety of costs, Absolut wall art decor is an excellent outlet for discovering limited edition contemporary art. And, in case you’re curious, Absolut Art is brought to you by the well-known Swedish vodka brand (which, in case you didn’t remember, once influenced Andy Warhol).

You can buy copies of famous works of art, find modern art, and even get your pictures printed and framed for you at If you’re searching for a specific artist, you can check by artist or browse by subject.


If you’re looking for handmade pieces, Etsy is typically your go-to, so if you’re not buying art from the platform, you’re missing out. On Etsy, you can find a wide range of original artwork and prints (framed and unframed), as well as instant download art that you can print out and frame yourself.

Saatchi & Saatchi Art

If you want more high-end, fine art opportunities (including original paintings!) and are ready to pay, Saatchi Art is a perfect online art destination for you. But it still has many prints that are more reasonably priced, so there’s plenty for everybody.

Society 6

Society 6 is one of the best places to find more affordable paintings, which is ideal if you’re looking to fill an entire gallery wall. Browse by designer, check by type, color, keyword, and more, and get almost every concept in framed or unframed prints, canvas paintings, tapestries, and even home goods.

Art on the Rise

You are looking for fresh artwork (no reproductions or prints!) that won’t cost the earth? I’m going to let you in on a bit of secret: Uprise Art’s “Art Under $800” segment. There, and on the website, you’ll find stunning works by young artists. You may also consult with personal art consultants to choose what would fit best in your house.

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Urban Outfitters

If you haven’t already, go ahead and browse all the Urban Outfitters’ cheap wall décor online. Poster-sized prints, such as this one of Gustav Klimt’s classic The Tree of Life, launch at $10. It packs a powerful punch for such a low price at two feet tall and three feet high. If you like the wall art to be painted, consider this beautiful palm tree print by photographer Max Wanger, available in 14 different frame colors and four different sizes. Combine it with a string of twinkle lights to brighten up every room.

Nordstrom Inc.

We guarantee that Nordstrom has a wide selection of low-cost wall décor. Most of it is from the company Deny Designs, which makes beautiful framed wall art that seems much more costly than it is. This cheerful pop art print, for example, is $49. It is sealed in a white wooden box. If you want to splurge a bit more? Oliver Gal’s Hustle canvas print could be calling your name. Your shipment will arrive risk-free, as with any Nordstrom buy, due to the company’s free delivery and returns policies.


Wall décor at Walmart ranges from framed abstract prints to throwback-style band posters. The online Dorm Decor section is brimming with chic, low-cost alternatives, such as this macramé wall hanging, which retails for $16 and is a perfect unconventional alternative to typical wall art. If you want to purchase several matching items at once, hundreds of inexpensive wall art sets are available on the web, such as this collection of four painted 14-by-16 coral prints for $41.

The Rifle Paper Company

Rifle Paper Co. is the adorable stationery and home décor destination you should visit. Aside from desk decorations, greeting cards, and calendars, the platform also has an impressive array of hand-painted prints. You can get one commemorating your beloved city for as little as $24, with choices ranging from Paris to Atlanta. Are you looking for something more socially relevant? Consider this simple print with a beautiful floral graphic and a moving quotation by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The Equal Justice Initiative, an organization dedicated to ending racial imprisonment in the United States, will receive 100% of the proceeds from the above.

The Global Market

The Wall Art Under $100 section of World Market’s website is brimming with inexpensive treasures for any palate. Because of its rustic wooden base, this kaleidoscope butterfly piece exudes cottage core energy and will look fantastic hanging just above your headboard. My fantastic find: this series of two canvases by Moira Hershey. The stylish portraits’ orange and yellow tones will bring some extra warmth (and beauty!) to your gallery, both measuring 20 square inches. Add to cart now to get free shipping on orders of $49 or more.

Cheap Wall Art Ideas to Refresh Your Room

1. Select large-scale artwork

In a tiny room, an oversized painting or photograph will demand focus and set the mood. In a minimalist setting, try a black-and-white photograph, or incorporate color with a striking abstract piece.

2. Build a gallery wall

Nothing brings more personality and color to a room than a gallery wall. Showcase a series of paintings or photos, or incorporate wall hangings and other ephemera. Choose plain, coherent frames or a variety of ornate combinations to spice things up! Pro tip: Extend the gallery wall to the ceiling to give the impression of a more expansive room.

3. Have an accent wall

Consider decorating the walls themselves, in addition to contributing to them. Make an accent wall with a vivid and bold paint color, or add a pattern with wallpaper, stenciling, or other decorative paint techniques. (While you’re at it, consider converting the ceiling!) In a small room, these decorative accents may have a much more significant effect.

4. Display fabric

A tapestry or wall hanging may bring color and pattern to a room while still providing a sense of softness. Think of framing antique scarves or other lovely textiles. When it is time to travel, they are much easier to transport than framed paintings.

5. Suspend mirrors

Mirrors mirror light, making a small room seem larger and brighter. Hang an oversized mirror or arrange a set of smaller objects salon-style.

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Vintage Wall Decor Ideas to Make The Walls Memorable

1. Shutter wall hanging and rustic leaf wreath

This white drawing, made from the tops of shutters, is one of the best retro vintage wall decor ideas. The distressed paint creates a rustic look that pairs well with the leafy green wreaths that adorn the shutter pieces. The wreaths are strung together with thin twine, which contributes to the rustic feel of the wall hanging.

2. Rough wood colorful rustic heart hanging

The heart shape cut adds a cute touch, and the wildwood inside the heart is done in varying colors of red, yellow, and turquoise to bring out the design’s lightness. The wall hanging has peeling and chipped paint for an even more vintage look.

3. Shuttered retro flower vase wall hanging

These turquoise shutters are ideal for any period décor. You have all the vintage and rustic vibes. It is ideal for your home with the peeling paint and the outline of the shutters. The glass vases are ideal for displaying your favorite flowers, and the metal banding around the vases helps hold them in place on the wall hanging, allowing you to keep your flowers on display for all to see comfortably.

4.Set of retro skeleton key picture frames

A skeleton key is one of the most beautiful things you can buy for your house. Large, ornate skeleton keys hung by large, ornate skeleton keys in a dark iron. The keys are bound in twine, with dark, rugged wooden frames at the bottom. You can add your favorite pictures and frames to give your home a new look.

5. Lovely china print plate wall hangings

The subject of this choice in our list of antique wall decor ideas is the blue and white print that is commonly used on retro china. The ornate plates are hung with plate hangers, which further draw attention to the elegance of this traditional china. Furthermore, you will typically find these at the nearest garage sale.

Are you looking for new wall decor ideas to spruce up your home? Those empty walls are brimming with potential, and a few additions will turn a house into a home. Continue reading if you’re able to turn those plain, blank walls into chic focal points. We have the tricks to amp up your walls and pull out your personality and taste, no matter what your theme is. If you’re an art dealer, a wildlife enthusiast, or a book lover, you can personalize your walls to fill you with the items you enjoy. Discover 20 wall decor ideas that will make your house look stylish.

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