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5 Classy Wall Decor Trends for Fall 2019. Time to Stock Up!

September has kicked in. And I don’t think there’s a need to tell you what this means. The cool temperatures are hitting. And with change in wardrobe comes much needed changes in interior design. Let’s welcome Autumn by taking a look at a couple of wall decor trends for Fall 2019.

And if you’re anxious about your budgeting, cast that aside. Not every trendy Autumn wall decoration has to cost an arm and a leg. Here’s a tiny little secret: One strategic purchase can influence Fall feel colours; whether that’s a lamp, a throw pillow, or a rug.

So with that in mind, let’s move along to talk about these awesome wall decor trends for Fall.

Trying Out Wall Decor Trends for Fall

There’s no better time for a home upgrade than the Fall. And believe it or not, your interior seasonal updates don’t have to take over your to-do list completely. We’ll look into layering colours, experimenting with wall art textures, and something as simple as purchasing Fall-themed wall decor.

#1 Put up plaid curtains

Image Credit: Elle Decor

If you haven’t tried out plaid yet, now’s a better time as any to stray out of your interior design comfort zone. Try curtains that boast the classic and fall-appropriate patterns. The heavier the drapes look, the more wintry they feel — which is perfect for Fall.

#2 Textured rugs on the walls

Image Credit: Chairish

Inviting rooms are the way to go this Fall. Guests and family members cosying up against the warm fireplace is such a picture-perfect scene. And to top off that inviting atmosphere, you simply can’t go wrong with a statement rug hanging on your wall.

#3 Embrace the appeal of nature

Image Credit: Irastar

You can embrace the charm and the beauty of the Fall season by choosing understated furnishings coupled with subdued colour palettes. Try keeping the focus on the outdoor view.

This is especially great if your house leans more towards contemporary interior styles and has floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

#4 Fall-themed wall art

Go for simple and very easy. Picking up wall art from the nearest department store, or the thrift shop is just one ride away. You can even do it at home and just shop for high quality wall art online.

Here are a couple of suggestions in tandem with wall decor trends for Fall for when you decide to.

Burnt Orange Wall Art

Nothing says fall like burnt orange wall art. It doesn’t have to be dominantly burnt orange. Throw in a couple of other colours that relate to Fall too.

Wood-themed Wall Art

Bridge in a Park

Autumn is all about finding beauty even in things that are slowly aging. And nothing better represents that thought than rustic wooden wall art.

Couple these with tan furnishings and other wooden furniture. Plaid curtains that frame the windows can give your room a cabin-in-the-woods feel.

Multi-panel Wall Art

5 Panel Train Railway
5-Panel Train Railway

This, in particular, is great for family rooms. Oversized canvas wall art, or multi-panel ones are good for drawing the eye, inviting people to look at the focal point in your room.

Forest-themed Wall Art

Deer in the Woods

Replicate the vibes of going into the forest to collect firewood for your hearth. Or maybe you just want to bring more of the outdoors inside. Try forest-themed wall art. This would look even better if your home’s interior design is largely contemporary.

#5 Try some floral wallpaper

Image Credit: Graham and Brown

Coupled with upholstered seating, floral wallpaper colored in Fall-appropriate green hues add touches of personality to your rooms.

Get Classy and Creative This Fall

Decorating walls for the Summer focus largely on stay-at-home vacation vibes, organic shapes, and other beachy elements. Wall decor trends for Fall focus on warm colours, plaid patterns, and lively textures.

Ready to try out Fall wall art that matches the season?

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