Space-themed Wall Art Collections to Decorate Your Little Boy’s Room

For the longest any of us can remember, mankind has always been fascinated with the workings of outer space. Plus, space-themed wall art is part of the default go-to decor when you’re thinking of decorating your little boy’s bedroom.

That’s why today, Enjoy Canvas decided to feature 3 space-themed wall art collections your son might get a kick out of.

These space-themed wall art prints feature designs mostly from our Star Wars art prints, and of course, the exclusive space canvas wall art collection.

3 Space-themed Wall Art Collections to Feature

Decorating a young boy’s bedroom is all about what he wants. So, if your son is a huge fan of the solar system, the galaxy, the planets, and everything else that has to do with space, then Enjoy Canvas’ space-themed wall art prints were created just for you.

Don’t forget to think about the room’s aesthetics. Try to figure out what the color of the room is going to be. Are you going for traditional masculine colors? Or do you want it to be unique and neutral with a touch of red or yellow or something pastel?

Make sure you’ve got your space-themed wall art prints’ colors figured out. This is so you can match the colors with the rest of the decor you’ve got going on.

#1 Star Wars Aircrafts Canvas Prints

The Jedi starfighter, the A-win, the Naboo N-1 starfighter, the Millennium Falcon, etc. All of these Star Wars warships and more.

Enjoy Canvas doesn’t deny that we’re big fans of the epic saga that’s united fans all over the world. And this article simply won’t be right without the inclusion of our Star Wars Aircrafts wall art collection.

#2 Star Wars Wall Art

If we have the aircrafts collection featured, then you’d better bet that the Star Wars wall art collection is a big part of this article. Our Star Wars wall art collection features plenty of designs of iconic characters from the Star Wars franchise. From Rey Skywalker to Kylo Ren, and even epic scenes from the first six Star Wars movies.

They come in different sizes. And because it’s a story told in a galaxy far-far-away, you simply can’t go wrong with Star Wars. They’re perfect if you want some space-themed decor.

#3 Space Canvas Wall Art

To go for something really astronomical, it can’t get any better than a space wall art canvas. We’ve featured a space-themed article before. So of course, to top it off, a space-themed wall art is exactly what that room needs. 

There are really cool planetary designs, galaxies, and even an outside view of the art. Put one of these against a mural dotted with stars. You can even hang it against navy blue background paint, and there’s your perfect wall decor.

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