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Romantic Living Room Ideas: How to Decorate for Valentine’s Day!

What’s happening in less than 24 hours? Why, Valentine’s day of course! And what better way to update our blog than to give you a bunch of useful romantic living room ideas that will make sure your home is set up properly for the love holiday?

Yes, we sell high-quality wall art. Yes, we blog about a lot of wall decor.

But hey, we’re not above talking about interior design trends either.

And because it’s only a day before Valentine’s day, this is all I hear everyone talking about.

So without further ado, let’s jump into a bunch or romantic living room ideas that we’ve got for you today!

6 Romantic Living Room Ideas for Love Day

Decorating for Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be confined to bedroom decor alone. Contrary to what you might think, it’s actually quite easy to bring a soft and romantic vibe to just about any room in your house.

Romantic decor means different things for different people, of course. But we can all agree that a romantic room embodies elegance. It’s ethereal, and it should be a comfortable place to stay in?

That all sounds like a great living room, doesn’t it?

To lend that romantic atmosphere (or any room really), consider including these elements into that living room.

#1 Choosing colors

To be fair, any color can be romantic, depending on how you use it. So yes, you’re not relegated to hot pink or deep passionate red alone. Even the neutral, black, can be romantic if you use it right.

But overall, people tend to lean towards soft pastels and creamy neutrals when the goal is to up the romantic factor of the room. So I’m talking lavenders, blues, pinks, perhaps a few light shades of gray. 

Don’t forget variations of white and creams too. Don’t hesitate around bold colors either. They look stunning in small doses.

Gold and silver are also good for incorporating romance, but stick to the brushed versions. Polished ones tend to look more contemporary than romantic.

#2 Picking patterns

Decorating a romantic living room means including patterns. If you do choose to incorporate patterns to the interior decor, stick with traditionally feminine patterns.

Just like florals, botanicals, and even traditional damask patterns. Another very romantic and very pretty pattern is traditional chinoiserie.

Of course, you can use other patterns like stripes and chevrons. But be careful to maintain soft colors. Or else the room will feel more masculine than feminine.

#3 Including lighting

romantic living room lighting
Image Credit: WanderGlobe

Sometimes romantic living room ideas are simply all about lighting. When it comes to romance, it’s all about the atmosphere and the vibe. And one way to set up the atmosphere in a living room is through lighting.

Soft and ambient light is the key to cozy and warm feelings. So for it work, make sure you have dimmer switches in the living room. Also, dimming the lights can make your interior decor more flattering. That’s a definite win-win!

#4 Hanging wall art

No romantic living room can be totally complete in the absence of wall art. Artwork at just the right size, of course. 

You don’t want wall art that’s too small, where it ends up being swallowed in all the room details. You don’t want something that’s too big either, especially if you don’t have the available space needed.

Before you do purchase your favorite art pieces for hanging, make sure to measure your wall art and your wall space.

And of course, because we’re talking about romantic living room ideas, simply picking your favorite wall art might not be an option. Not if you want to faithfully stick to your romantic interior design. So, no star wars wall art for now.

If you’re looking for something that fits the season though, our store actually has an entire Valentine’s Day wall decor.

Take your pick from gorgeous wall art designs. Ranging from flowers associated with the holiday, to contemporary pieces that can be the perfect focal point of your interior design.

You can also opt for something scenic and completely different through the panoramic photography wall decor or the mountains wall decor collection.

And of course, another collection you must check out is the Paris wall decor collection.

Sometimes what’s best for romantic living room ideas is to adhere to tradition. And what could be more romantic than the La Ville Lumière?

You’ve heard it said that Paris is for lovers… Well, here you go:

#5 Using fabrics

Yes, interior decorating is more the visuals. But touch is also an incredibly significant element. You can’t leave it out. In particular, you’re going to need it if you want to invoke feelings of romance. Fabrics you should use must be soft and silky to the touch.

Steer clear of coarse fabric. Instead, opt for a mix of cotton, silk, chenille, velvet, cashmere, or luxe fabrics. Layer them, one on top of the other to create a sense of depth and luxury. For window treatments, try sheer and gauzy fabrics.

#6 Selecting furniture

living room furniture 1
Image Credit: The Spruce

For furniture, include pieces with decorative flourishes. Think carved details (maybe one or two, or else it’s too overwhelming) and button tufts. 

True, no room should ever be crowded with furniture, but romantic rooms will include more decorative pieces simply because they would look great. Not just for functional or practical purposes.

Start Decorating With Romantic Living Room Ideas

Hopefully these romantic living room ideas will help you prepare your home for tomorrow’s lovers’ day. And remember that sometimes the difference between a romantic room and an average room lies in the simplest of details, like:

  • Gilt accents
  • Wallpapers
  • Skirted furniture
  • Faceted crystal
  • Vase of fresh flowers

This is a guide for subtlety and flamboyance. All in one.

So whatever you want to do, you do you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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