6 New Space Wall Art Designs to Choose From

Are you a fan of wall decor that’s simply out of this world? No, I mean that quite literally. Because I’m talking about space wall art that would look quite fetching in an otherwise drab white wall.

If you’re a big fan of space, Enjoy Canvas has got you covered. From a bunch of Star Wars wall art and new designs that usually come into the collection to skyline wall art, we’ve got lovely art designs that can bring you closer to the ever-expanding universe.

At certain points in our existence, we always have to marvel at how big our universe is. It’s only partially-discovered though. Space is a fascinating topic. And space wall art is a fascinating theme for wall decor.

Enjoy Canvas’ New Space Wall Art Designs

Whether you’re teaching your children about orbits or simply indulging that nerdy side of you, Enjoy Canvas has 5 new space wall art designs that you can use to decorate any room in your house. Hang up pictures of unidentified flying objects, the Earth, the planets, the galaxy, and everything else.

Space wall decor just might be the thing that you’re looking for. Check out these 5 new space-themed wall decor designs that you display inside the house.

#1 UFO Space Wall Art

Let’s go big the first time around. Try out something completely extra terrestrial if you’re going for space wall art. This new single-panel UFO canvas wall art in stock might be the perfect finishing touch for the rest of your space-themed room.

Also, if you’re a huge fan of life on other planets, this is definitely a great idea.

#2 Sci-fi Planet Canvas 

Do you want space wall art perfect for a windowless room? We’d highly suggest this particular wall art. Frame it right, and you can achieve the look of a windowless room that looks out into a bizarre planetary landscape. 

Put it in your bedroom, and you can wake up every morning thinking your room overlooks a part of the solar system or something.

#3 Milky Way Wall Decor

If you’re looking for an artistic rendering of the Milky Way, then you can look no further than our collection. We can picture this particular multi-panel art displayed proudly in the wall of your office or your living room, even.

#4 Planet Energy Space Wall Art

Looking for something to complement the other decor in your gaming room? If you’re looking for wall art designs that have great pops of color, and a flair, the answer to your needs is this planet energy canvas wall art.

Apart from having 6 panels, it would also look really good in a gaming room with all the funky lighting. Definitely on your decor list.

#5 Earth Canvas Wall Art

Perhaps you’re more down to earth, and you’d want something that reminds us of our home planet. These two wall art designs are definitely right up your alley. Personally, I can picture any of these two hanging from a classroom, or from my own study. 

It’s that stunning and gorgeous. Plus, it’s pretty homey too.

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