16 Interior Design Websites & DIY Blogs to Follow for Inspiration

Designing the home, for most of us, is tiring and mentally exhausting, let’s admit. And that’s because our brains don’t have the capabilities to squeeze out fresh ideas, as much as we want it too. But then again, that’s why home decor professionals are here! Them and their interior design websites are all set to swoop in and save our day.

Contrary to what some people believe, doing your own home decor can be a lot more complicated than just hanging wall art.

There are hundreds and hundreds of interior design websites out there. And while we’re physically not capable of compiling them all to show you, we’ve picked out 16 of our long list of favorites.

Will there be more interior design websites list like this in the future? Well, maybe.

But for now, let’s settle with 16 and have a blast exploring them all while inspiration gets the creative juices flowing again.

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Interior Design Websites and Their Abundant Portfolios

When in doubt, look to the experts! Here’s our list of interior design websites you need to checkout if you need professional ideas.

#1 Delta Wright: In Delta Wright’s docent, she talks about individuality and her passion as an interior designer; how she started, what motivates her, the like. And her passion for interior design certainly shows in the work she’s done all throughout. Just check out her portfolio.

#2 High Fashion Home: High Fashion Home believes that home is a reflection of your unique style and personality. They have several room ideas you can scroll through, and then shop when you see something you like. Give it a shot to see what they have in store for you.

#3 Studio McGee: Syd and Shea McGee boast interiors that are just plain gorgeous. Their light fixture choices are a thing to behold too. Are you ready to get jealous yet?

#4 Jane Ledger Interiors: Jane Ledger’s design aesthetic is rightly expressed in clean lines, craftsmanship, and high-quality materials. And of course, every designer’s main ingredient, beauty. A look at her portfolio and you’ll see some inspirational projects on modern and architecturally-designed homes, and a mix of traditional and contemporary as well (my personal favorite).

#5 Sun, Soul, Style: The name of the game for interior designer Christina Higham is to make ordinary spaces extraordinary. From timeless interior styles to completely unexpected ones. You’re in for a treat.

#6 Veneer Designs: Boasting a natural talent for interior design and a passion for doing it too, Natalie Myers’ dedication to meeting clients’ expectations are evident in her showcased portfolio. Take lessons from her work, and figure out how to cultivate high-end styles with playful twists.

#7 Lexi Westergard Design: Refined, warm, modern, and very comfy. These are the words we’d like to use to describe a lot of Lexi Westergard’s creations. Her designs are chic and inviting, and if you’re in for some inspiration, her portfolio is one you should definitely look into.

#8 Jonathan Adler: Jonathan Adler and his team in New York take on large-scale projects that range from homes to commercial lots, like hotels. Take a look around and leave with inspiring ways to style and refresh your own interior decor without sacrificing your personality.

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DIY Blogs You Should Check Out Too

Interior design websites are all well and good for inspiration. But if you’re the type of person who fancies doing the majority of the decor by yourself, then there’s no better place on the internet to turn to than DIY blogs.

#9 Lily Pad Cottage: Kelly is the awesome lady running this blog. Her site’s chock full of DIY ideas, and interior decor updates that she did herself. Go have a look, and maybe you’ll find something that catches your eye.

#10 Hey Wanderer: For BFFs Savannah and Casey, they embody western-chic living. They have loads of DIY posts on their blog that you’d be glad to read and even follow, if you’re up to the task.

#11 Bigger Than the Three of Us: There are times when the best inspirations can come from watching a home evolve; from one style to another. Trying new things. The charming family of three are really good at this. Watch them take stylish remodeling into their own hands. In turn, you get plenty of tips too.

#12 My Texas Home: Erin’s house has a lot of white. But it’s the farthest thing from bland. She knows how to use rugs, sofas, throw blankets, and other furnishings or accents to turn her interior space into something out of a magazine.

#13 Our Faux Farmhouse: One DIY project at a time does the lovely trick. And that can be proven by husband and wife, Brad and Holly. See the journey of their faux farmhouse and pick up some decorating tips while staying within an allotted budget.

#14 Plank and Pillow: A home is never truly finished. At least, that’s what Henry and Brooke say. Their love for houses is what spurs them to keep building, and sharing their experiences with people on the internet, like us. Their creativity knows no bounds with their DIY builds.

#15 I Spy DIY: The domain name speaks for itself, doesn’t it? This DIYer’s home is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin barnhouse with minimalist and contemporary touches. Check out her various DIY projects around the house and get some daily dose of inspiration.

#16 House of Hipsters: Kyla is passionate interior decorator, a DIYer with an eye for uniqueness, a freelance graphic designer, and a Pinterest influencer. Flock to her site and marvel at all her works.

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Interior Design is All About Your Taste!

Interior design websites and all the DIY blogs are around, and they’re there to help you think of something good. Something more refreshing than just having art on the walls to update your current interior. A fresh resource for any interior design DIYer to explore and derive ideas from.

Or if you’re just not the type of person who knows what they want for their house and you have the budget, it’s always easy to reach out to these people and see what they can help you with.

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