12 Blog Resources for Interior Design Trends 2020

We are four days away from saying goodbye to 2019. Four days away from bidding a decade gone by farewell. Interior design trends 2020 are everywhere, and we couldn’t be more excited!

And what better way to celebrate the brand new decade than by updating interiors to suit your tastes? So, in preparation for the next year (that’s days away), we are bringing you a couple of some very nice blog resources for interior design trends 2020.

12 Blogs to Check Out for Interior Design Trends 2020

Let’s start off by figuring out what exactly are the interior design trends 2020. And from there on out, we’ll fetch you a few articles that can help you sort through these trends so you can decorate your own house using them for the year to come.

#1 12 Interior Design Trends We’ll See In 2020: Forbes contributor Amanda Lauren shares some very current interior design trends 2020 in this post. And spoiler! The biggest emphasis is on individuality.

#2 How to Find Your Personal Design Style, According to the Experts: The emphasis is on developing a personal style. And to help you achieve that and develop it, Kelsey Mulvey shares some really great points that show us that this is perfectly achievable.

Sustainability is In!

Leaves Canvas Art

#3 25 Sustainable Projects Leading the Way for Green Design: Caring for our environment is extremely important. And this eco-friendly awareness is one of the best things to ever happen in 2019. Kristie Garrell is here, bringing us 25 sustainable projects that are a great source of inspiration.

#4 7 Top Sustainable Interior Designer Tips: And while we’re on the subject of sustainability, check out these interior design tips from the team at Decorilla.

Interior Lighting and Charming Shabby Chic

#5 A Designer’s Top 10 Tips for Interior Lighting: Back in 2017, Gillian Lazani from Houzz wrote this spectacular article that stays relevant to this day. Lighting fixtures are an important part of interior design, after all. And skimping out on them just won’t do.

#6 What Is Shabby Chic?: In 2020, shabby chic (or countryside chic) is making a comeback. It embraces a worn and lived-in look, which makes it so charming. If you’re unfamiliar with it, Kate Simmons wrote a lovely piece talking about it.

#7 15 Delightful Shabby Chic Interior Design Ideas: The folks at Architecture Art Designs curated some really lovely pictures that embody what shabby chic interior design ideas truly are.

The Trendiest Colors & Lovely Patterns

Lovely Floral Patterns

#8 How to Use Warm Colors in Your Home, According to Interior Designers: The other thing predicted in interior design trends 2020 are the neutrals being taken over by warm colors, saturated hues, and jewel tones. Caroline Picard provides a lovely article that talks about how to use warm colors like an expert in your own home.

#9 Interior Trends: The Colours from Milan Design Week that Will Last in 2020: And when in doubt, know that you can trust Milan Design Week — the event where all the latest new and trends in interior and design are rampant. Elisabetta talks about these colours that you can incorporate soundly in your interior design.

#10 How to Decorate With Patterns Like an Interior Designer: Layered patterns on tabletops and textiles are especially popular. And more patterns of varying scales and origins mixing with colors are the new thing. Whether that’s in patterned wall art, the accents, the furniture, or the bedding. And Homes to Love gives us this lovely article that teaches how you can do it like a real pro.

Ceilings and Kitchens

#11 17 Unique Ceiling Design Ideas for Interior Design: Interior design trends 2020 also encourage us to decorate the ceiling. What’s always so modest and functional and plainly white is no longer an option if you want to go all-out with your interior design. Unika Vaev has gathered some really lovely images from Instagram that you can take inspiration from.

#12 Our Favorite Two-Tone Kitchen Designs: The favorite all-white kitchen is slowly going to decline in 2020. Two-tone kitchens are the new thing. A mix of two colors it is. And Cliq Studios share some of their gathered images to give you some very good ideas.

Try Something New!

For all this talk of interior design trends 2020, let’s not forget what decorating your home is really all about.

It’s all about celebrating individuality! It’s taking your personality and incorporating it into your own home. These interior design trends 2020 are just guides. The bottom line here is to decorate your own home interiors the way you want to and sit back satisfied with all the lovely work you’ve done.

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