Our 20 Favorite Resources for Interior Design Ideas in 2019

It’s hard to believe that there are only two weeks left in 2019. This year is coming to a close, and no way are we leaving without a year-end article. And as far as 2019 goes, this year has seen the resurgence of a lot of trends. A lot of interior design ideas.

We’re in the business of creating wall art, so of course, we want to manufacture wall art that suits a home’s interior style. For the most part, anyway. But aside from that, I personally just love to look into the web and scour for some brilliant interior design ideas.

I’ve read a lot… Seen a lot.

But for 2019, these 20 brilliant articles (in no particular order) were my favorite online resources for interior design ideas that I happily brought into my own lovely home.

Interior Design Ideas for 2019

Leaves Canvas Art

#1 These are the Design Trends to Try (And Those to Avoid!) in 2019: Mid-year, Lucia Tonelli, of Elle Decor gave the world interior decor trends for 2019 to try and avoid. This was such a magnificent read for me, because it was a brutal (in a good way) revelation of what was in, and what deserved to be thrown out for interior design ideas.

#2 Interior Design Trends: Biophilic Design — How to Bring Nature to Your Office: Following what’s listed as number 1 in this list, we have this incredible article written by Kelly Taylor. And it’s all about biophilic interior design, and how to incorporate it into your office. Biophilia is a big word as far as interior decor trends go for 2019.

#3 Here’s Why Full Maximalist is 2019’s Hottest Interior Decor Trend: Maximalism also made waves this year. And I’m not going to lie, I’m a huge fan of maximalism design myself. Well, to my delight, I stumbled on Martin Teo’s write-up on August Man and saw this.

#4 More Is More: 9 Ways to Rock the Maximalism Trend: Diana Hathaway’s article on Freshome talks about ways to rock this interior design. I’m sure you can guess how ecstatic I was to read this. Personally, I try my best to incorporate this stuff into my own home. And this article did not disappoint.

#5 +45 Stellar Boho Interior Designs & Trends for 2019: As far as interior design ideas go, Boho styles are very charming. Affectionately dubbed as organized chaos. Pouted released this article talking all about it.

#6 10 Biggest Wall Art Trends for 2019: Right off the bat, and at the very beginning of the year, this was one of the first things I scoured the internet to find. And boy was this enlightening! The Printable Concept did a great job outlining these 10. It was a wonderful way to welcome January for me.

Interior Design Ideas About My Favorite Rooms

As far as favorite rooms in the house go, I personally have three: the living room, the bedroom, and the bathroom. These were my favorite resources talking about interior design ideas for these rooms too.

#7 The 20+ Best Living Room Interior Design Trends for 2019: Decor Aid’s Naveed wrote a brilliant article talking about more than 20 living room interior design trends to try out this year.

#8 40 Beautiful Bedrooms With Great Ideas to Steal: Karen Stylianides, Chiara Desantis, and Olivia Heath from House Beautiful did wonderfully in curating 40 beautiful bedroom pictures to take interior design ideas from.

#9 10 Modern Master Bedroom Trends for 2019: Sometimes, there’s nothing more satisfying than redecorating a master bedroom. And for sure, Essential Home’s article about this tickled the imagination and got creative juices flowing. Just enough to get hyped for redecoration.

#10 10 New Bathroom Design Ideas We’re Super Pumped About for 2019: Started 2019 with an article like this? Yes please! Jess Bunge did a magnificent job laying down the bathroom interior design ideas that were big this year.

Trends To Watch Out For in 2020

The last month of the year is the perfect time to look out for interior design ideas that will make waves in 2020.

#11 Home Decor Trends 2020 – The Key Looks for Updating Interiors: Tamara Kelly from Ideal Home gives us this lovely article that talks about a lot of the trends we should totally watch out for in the coming year.

#12 Top 15 Interior Design Trends for 2020: There are new interior design ideas on the horizon indeed. And Collected Interior Design drives that point home with their top 15 trends that are expected to make a mark in 2020.

#13 Neutral Color Palette Interior Design Is Still Popular: Neutral colors are still in, and it’s not dead. Andreea of Impressive Interior Design nails down a point quite well.

#14 Guide to Interior Decorating in Black and White: The Spruce’s Coral Nafie offers neutral-palette fans a guide to decorating the house black and white. Even more so because it looks like it’s going to be a thing next year.

#15 60 Black Interior Design Ideas (Black Room Designs): Black is elegance, and black is timeless. Not to mention, it’s a bold choice too. But that’s exactly what Home Stratosphere wants to nail down. And their article really sheds light into black’s charm.

#16 2020 Color Trends in Interior Design: And aside from neutrals like black and white, let’s not ignore the color trends that will pop out next year too. 2020 made a great post talking about all these colors.

#17 This Is How Color Trends Will Change in 2020, According to Interior Designers: While we’re on the subject of color, consider reading Leah Groth’s article on My Domaine about how color trends are going to change in the following year.

Interior Design Ideas for the Holidays!

5 Panel Christmas Scene
Christmas Scene

Because we’re only, technically, a week away from celebrating Christmas, it’s great to take a look at these ideas if you’re not sure about how to decorate the house yet. And even if you have finished decorating already, you can still do revisions.

#18 4 Incredible Christmas Decorations Trends 2019: Top Amazing Tips: As early as October, Rita Nunes gives us this article suggesting 4 Christmas decoration trends we ought to try.

#19 2019 Christmas Décor Trends: Hay Needle’s Kalee Olson also brings us some of the best 2019 Christmas decor trends if you’re up to the task of revamping decor this year.

#20 These 8 Christmas Trends Will be Huge This Year, Say Our Editors: Deck the halls in style, they said. And I couldn’t agree more. Emily VanSchmus from Better Homes & Gardens comes out with this list of trends that is just lovely.

My Final Thoughts

Trends change. For wall art decor, one moment gallery walls are all the rage, and the next, they’re overtaken by oversized wall art pieces. The same thing applies to interior design ideas. That fact’s proven by these 20 resources.

But nevertheless, we can only hope this 20-point list can manage to help you even in the midst of interior decorating woes.

Happy Holidays!

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