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How to Decorate your Wanderlust Inspired Bedroom

Miss traveling lately but don’t have any plans yet? Why not plan on decorating your bedroom with a new style that expresses your love for travel? Better yet, why not go for a wanderlust-inspired theme and be able to travel from inside your room! It has been a trend for a time now, and many have tried decorating their spaces with travel vibe designs. It is a mix of art and passion, as you will be compiling different items from around the globe. It may not look cohesive at first, but trust the process, and little by little, you will be able to complete your wanderlust bedroom. 

What should you get, how should you put it together, and how will you pull it off successfully? These may be some of the queries in your mind, and you may be wondering which decorations to get or which items will complete that wanderlust aesthetic, so here are simple ways to start that travel around the world, straight from your bedroom. 

Hang Trinkets and Souvenirs

Hanging Trinkets
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Start by hanging all the souvenirs and trinkets you got from your world travels! These may be some cute keychains from Japan, rattan bags from Bali, Indonesia, seashells from the Caribbean, or anything that reminds you of the places you’ve been to before. It can also be items from places you’ve never even visited or want to on your next trip. Hanging these items will add flair and add a unique take compared to those in a regular bedroom. 

Your space will indeed look one-of-a-kind with those souvenirs now they will always remind you of the memories of where you’ve purchased or had it given to you. Remember to get more souvenirs to expand your hanging trinkets in your newly designed interiors on your next trip.

Repurpose Your Luggage

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Link:  https://www.etsy.com/listing/189110175/vintage-suitcase-shelves-travel-themed

Many travelers sure have so much luggage and bags that clump and take space in the corner of their bedrooms. If you don’t have any room for the baggage or the zippers on these are already broken, you may want to refurbish it and repurpose it to be a shelf or organizer wanderlust bedroom. It’s such a smart and artistic way of decorating while organizing unwanted clutter. Now relax and be in awe at how that luggage turned out to look that cool. Who knew it could be a bookshelf for your travel books and pamphlets?

Display Travel Photos


Have your room become yours genuinely with your travel photos displayed on your walls. Imagine that Greece trip where you took lots of pictures by the breathtaking view? Now you can look at it every day when you wake up to inspire you to plan your next travel or before you sleep so you’ll dream of your trips. You can get these customized wall art from Enjoycanvas.com and have it sized to your preferred number of panels and dimensions. This customization is perfect for your empty wall to add more of your travel memories in your wanderlust room.

The great thing about these wall art is that these are printed in high-definition on poly-cotton canvas now your travel memories and will retain that high-quality vibrance for years to come.

Get Your Map Of The World

World Map

A wanderlust room will not be complete without its world map! Enjoycanvas.com gives you a World Map Collection to let you travel the world within your interiors. Are you ready to select your world chart set to your preferred size and number of panels? These maps will fit perfectly to the size of your bedroom and your new-found interior design style. Imagine the map printed in high-definition giclee canvas on high-quality waterproof canvas. The world map is stretched and framed, ready to hang for as it comes with strong hooks already mounted on the inner wooden bar for easy hanging out the box.

Add Plants and Lamps

Plants and Lamps
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Link:  https://www.society19.com/how-to-decorate-your-room-to-make-everyone-jealous/

Of course, it wouldn’t be cohesive if not for additional plants and lights! Get it together with some greens and lamps, and you are good to go. Your wanderlust space has never been so Instagram-worthy. Now you can take a bunch of photos featuring your newly decorated bedroom. No travel plans yet? Well, now you can live and travel in the four corners of your room and see more places than ever. 

Now your travel dreams and inspirations have turned into reality with your take on your wanderlust bedroom.

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