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How to Choose Wall Art for Open Floor Plans

Hello, everybody! We’re back with another new video talking about wall art tips. And this time, we’re going to help you choose wall art if you have open floor plans.

I think you’ll find that it’s far easier to decorate a room rather than an open space that combines two distinct room functions into one. This is so popular nowadays — like a living room combined with the dining room.

So how exactly do you decorate a room with open floor plans?

The key to choosing wall art for open floor plans starts with how you arrange your furniture. You need to create a difference between the areas.

  • Arrange your furniture away from the walls: Float your furnishings in the middle of the room, and use your wall area as the “hall” that lets you move from one section to another.
  • Use area rugs: You need to designate each area for sitting, working, dining, etc. Large area rugs act as landing spots for each room’s function.

Open floor plans should feel united all together. But your wall art should only be in one empty wall space. For this, you can either have large wall art or small to medium ones grouped together for a mini gallery wall.

Choose artwork that unites two rooms. So consider neutral art themes that would look great for every room. For instance, keep the food-themed wall art away from the living room. But since your living room and dining rooms are connected, keep wall art choice cohesive.

Contemporary wall art would look great. And so would abstract wall art, knife pallet wall art, oil paintings, etc.

We hope that shed some light on how to choose wall art for open floor plans. And for more wall art tips, be sure to check back on our previous videos and find the one that could help you the most.

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