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How to Choose Wall Art Based on Wall Colors

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Have you ever bought a painting, put it up against your wall and found that there was something off about the way the wall art was hanging? You realize with a snap of your fingers that it’s actually the colors.

Picture a wall art comprised mainly of dark trees and dark violet twilight set against a bright yellow or lemony wall. To some, it doesn’t matter, but for others, it’s kind of a letdown. Just take this Reddit post for example.

If you’re one of these people, then consider matching your canvas wall art with the rest of your wall color. Or at the very least, the dominant color in your room.

Choosing Wall Art Based on Wall Colors

When it comes to wall art, the main goal is to draw the eye and make it a focal point. So striking a balance is crucial here. You don’t want your wall art to blend too much — so much that it’s hardly noticeable because of the room’s color scheme. But you don’t want it to stick out like a sore thumb either.

To strike a balance, you need to choose wall art that’s based on the colors that are already present in the room. You should also consider sticking to a theme.

How do you go about this?

Refer to the color wheel as a guide for choosing complementary shades. Complementary shades are opposite each other on the color wheel. And are good for placing emphasis on a particular object. An example of complementary color scheme is red and green.

The most significant piece of wall art should have background colors that match your wall color. And when you’re having a bit of trouble, you can go the easy route and just pick a black and white canvas art.

As much as possible, try not to exceed four colors. This is so colors aren’t all over the place and to achieve a pulled-together look.

And if you’re a fan of neon, remember that bright pieces stand out against neutral backgrounds.

And lastly, remember to keep colors proportionate with the rest of the color presence in the room.

In Conclusion

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