How to Choose Wall Art Based on Size

Too many times, we homeowners finish up our homes and still wonder why something seems missing. See these big empty spaces on a wall? 

Now visualize that with wall art hanging from those huge wall spaces…


We thought so…

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve encountered posts on Reddit that ask around about what to do with their space looking so bare. And just generally unfinished. The solution to that is quite simple.

Wall art is the stylish icing on the cake for any home. It draws the eye, pulls space together, and makes the home more inviting. It’s worth the trouble if you want spaces to look magnificent.

But here’s the tricky part. You want to get wall art that is sized just right for the space that you have available. You don’t want it to be overwhelming. And you don’t want your wall art dwarfed by the other items in the room too.

Your goal is to create something cohesive…

Choosing Wall Art Based on Size

When you go in search of wall art, it can be tough, so you need to be particular about sizing. Think about where you want to put your wall art and then decide on the size.

You have 5 choices to choose from depending on the amount of space you have.

Oversized Wall Art

Oversized Wall art comes at 41 inches or larger. It draws people’s attention as soon as they enter the room. For the most part, they take up an entire wall space. That’s why they can be good for hallways or to occupy a horizontally empty wall next to your dining table.

Large Wall Art

Large wall art measures from 33-40 inches. Chosen carefully, you can have these hanging above your furniture — particularly the sofa. They can either stand alone or have smaller pieces crowding around them to form a gallery wall.

Medium-sized Wall Art

Medium-sized wall art ranges from 25-32 inches. These work well paired off with other art pieces. They also function as the focal point of a gallery wall.

Small Wall Art

Small wall art, on the other hand, typically measures 18-24 inches. These look good in multiple places. But primarily, they would be attractive in the kitchen or flocked around a bigger piece of wall art.

Mini Wall Art

Mini wall art measures 10-17 inches and is good for forming a grid layout for a gallery wall. Right on par with small wall art. Never let mini wall art stand alone in a room though. They need to be in clusters. And maybe consider having them in intimate spaces — like your personal study or the bathroom.

In Conclusion

For additional sizing tips to remember, keep in mind that your wall art shouldn’t be two-thirds longer than your sofa. And when you have several small art pieces, group them together form a wall gallery. And lastly, consider the height of the ceiling when you’re choosing size.

It needs to fill the space in both length and width.

Here are some more pictures for further reference.

Okay, so we hope that helped you out a bit in your wall art sizing woes.

Check back again some other time for more tips about decorating your room with wall art or choosing them. Or even how to clean them. 

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