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How to Choose Wall Art Based on Interior Style

We’ve discussed how to choose wall art based on a lot of things recently, haven’t we? Welcome back to the channel, and today, we’ll be talking about how to choose your wall art based on your home’s interior style.

This is perhaps one of the most natural and one of the most popular ways of choosing wall decor.

No surprise there…

For sure, choosing your wall art is a personal choice. But there are instances where, for you to complete the look of a single room, everything about it has to appear cohesive. It all needs to look tied together to achieve that collective look.

So without further ado, here are 8 interior styles and examples of corresponding wall art that would look great.

Choosing Wall Art Based on Interior Style

#1 Classical Interior Design

Classical interior design is loaded with heavy drapes, fancy woodwork, fluffed-up seating areas, and wall art with thick gilded frames. The walls are usually in neutrals or painted white coupled with complementary hues.

#2 Country Style Interior Design

This interior design is primarily focused on highlighting the beauty that life in the countryside can bring. The number one muse: nature. So for an interior design that’s characterized by homey feels, it’s a great idea to try displaying floral artwork. Or actual country life wall art.

#3 Industrial Interior Design

Primarily rustic and very sensible as far as design goes, Industrial interior decor is all about bricks, timbers, and lots of exposed steel. It’s all about raw beauty. To match the wall art with the interior design, you’ll want to consider getting rustic pictures of cityscapes or notable landmarks. Vintage world maps would look great too.

#4 Art Deco Interior Design

Art Deco is 1920s classic. And it’s all about being flashy and bold. The interior style is popular for polished brass or chrome accents, warm and layered lighting, and glossy furnishings. The primary artwork choice you ought to look at are graphically patterned wall art. Or geometric ones.

#5 Bohemian Interior Design

Ah, perhaps one of the most carefree and eclectic interior styles out there. You probably recognize this for being chaotically organized. Know what I mean? It’s a combination of a lot of materials. The popular elements include beaded ornaments, rugs, pillows, patterned blankets, crochet curtains, etc.

Eccentric wall art would look really great. Like abstract or impressionistic depictions of animals and other objects.

#6 Nautical Interior Design

The name says it all. The ocean, aquatic animals, marine life, and beaches. If this is your interior style, you must have a lot of sailing motifs and wall colors that are largely derived from blue color palettes. Don’t forget the boat-related ornaments and rustic furnishings either. Like being inside a boat. Wall art of the same style ties the space really well. 

#7 Oriental interior design

An interior style riddled with Oriental or East Asian themes. It’s a fusion of various designs, but the prominent features showcase Chinese or Japanese interior decor expression.

Japanese interiors are largely minimalistic and zen (in some cases) It’s also largely inspired by the natural world. So that means you must have a lot of green and brown. On the other hand, Chinese interior styles are all about being lavish. You get bold colors like red, jade, purple, or gold.

Asian themed wall art is pretty easy to find.

#8 Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary interior refers to the designs of today. This becomes even more prominent if you have an eye for following decorating trends. And at the moment, it’s all about creamy cashmeres, off-whites, soft pink, lilac hues, and diluted mints.

To choose wall art that would go well, remember to refer to the general feel of your home and check on the latest trends. For a safe option, you can never go wrong with abstract wall art or artwork created by contemporary artists.

In Conclusion

That’s all we can manage to cover for today folks. And remember that in choosing wall art, be sure to check back on our previous videos on how to pick out your wall art while considering sizes and space available; right along with choosing wall art based on colors.

Let us know what your home’s dominant interior style is, and if you’ve ever bought wall art to match that. Tell us in the comments. And please please please give our video a thumbs up if you liked it. Be sure to subscribe if you aren’t already. And ring the bell icon to stay notified to our next wall art tip.

Thanks for watching! We’ll catch ya next time!

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