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How to Prepare Your Wall Before Hanging Canvas Art

It’s fun to look at wall art from a picture. And when you finally decide to purchase one that’s up to your standards and you know that it’s going to work with your interior design, you’re faced with the challenge of properly hanging canvas art. And of course, how to prep the chosen wall space to accommodate the artwork.

Trying to hang wall art correctly is one of the most conundrums that homeowners face when they’re looking to decorate their space with their preferred wall art.

Wall art not hung properly will stick out a sore thumb, and so will space.

And whether you’re hanging a single wall art, a panel, or a bunch of pictures to create a gallery wall, this guide can help you get things right and in order the first time. Here’s how you can prepare your wall before hanging canvas art.

Choose the Correctly-sized Canvas Art


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First things first, you have to make absolutely sure that the piece of canvas art you chose fits appropriately with the size of your chosen wall space. Wall art hanging skills aside, if the size of the art piece is too big or too small, it’s going to end up looking so out of place.

There are tips and tricks you can follow if you’re planning to hang wall art above particular furniture — like fireplaces and headboards. On the other hand, if you’re planning to hang canvas art alone, the measurements will be a bit complicated. But nonetheless, they’re doable.

Measure the Height and Width of the Space


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In the past, the general rule of thumb was to put artwork at roughly eye level. But when you really think about it, someone who stands at the height of — says, 5 foot 1 has an eye-level that differs from a person who stands at the height of over 6 feet.

So nowadays, the central thought is that the center of a wall art (whether it has one panel, three, or five) should be 57 inches above the floor.

To start, measure the height of your wall art and divide that number by 2 to find the center. Next, you need to find the distance between the picture wire or nail hook to the top of the frame. Subtract the distance from half of the artwork’s height, and add the difference to 57.

However, do remember that mathematical measurements for hanging wall art aren’t cut and dry. These are just a guide, and you need to make the proper height adjustments if something doesn’t feel right to you.

Consider Placement Tips

Before we move on to professionally hanging your wall art, you need to consider a couple of placement tips — especially if you’re going to be displaying canvas art atop the wall spaces above the furniture.


Image Credit: Ballard Designs

When hanging canvas art above a piece of furniture (like sofas), make sure to leave at least 6-8 inches of space between the top of the furniture and the bottom of the canvas art. In addition, remember that the width shouldn’t span not any longer than two-thirds of the length of the sofa.


Image Credit: Way Fair

And if you’re going to hang wall art above the fireplace, canvas art looks great when the width falls in-between the length of the fireplace opening and the length of the mantel.

But what if you have more than one piece of wall art that you want to hang?

Remember to leave at least 2 inches of space between each panel. And for the height, align the centers or the tops.

Tape a Template to the Wall and Hang


Image Credit: Grace Made

When you have the measurements and the wall art picked out, it’s time to properly prep the empty wall. You can work on it by yourself, and all you need is a bunch of tapes and some paper.

Trace your canvas wall art on pieces of paper. Cut them out and tape them to the wall so you have templates to use. Mark the paper templates to show where picture wires or hooks will be.

And while you’re placing paper templates on the wall, step back and make adjustments as you see fit. When you’re happy with how everything’s looking, bust out the nails and the hammer. Or the drill.

You can now hang your wall art perfectly.

Hanging Canvas Art Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

Preparing your wall before hanging canvas art doesn’t have to be a daunting task. You can always get someone to help you with the process of hanging canvas art. And when you’d rather do it by yourself, this guide with four simple steps is here for you — for reference.

Ready to pick out designs for your wall? Let’s get shopping!

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