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Gaming Room Wall Art: Our Top 4 Picks to Furnish Your Play Space

Sometimes, all a gaming room needs to add a touch of personality is to invest in wall decor — gaming room wall art, that is.

And from our previous article all about decorating your video game room, you know it takes simple things to set the mood. Just the tiniest details that make your three-screen gaming computer feel right at home.

This is your chance to deck out your video game room with gaming wall art that caters to your personal taste and preferences.

Of course, Enjoy Canvas has large selections of gaming room wall art that you can choose from. From a Star Wars wall art collection to a wide host of anime wall art and high quality pictures of your favorite superheroes. But here are our personal favorites, that you might be interested in too.

#1 Kylo Ren & Rey Fight Scene

Star wars wall art
Kylo Ren vs Rey

This iconic moment from Star Wars deserves more attention than most people give it credit for. But the epic fight scene aside, we adore the blend of colours present in this particular gaming room wall art.

It looks really good against a backdrop of neutral tones. So, if you have grey walls or black walls set up, this is a nice pop of colour that you just might love.

#2 Akatsuki Aesthetics

Decoration of Naruto Anime Art
Akatsuki Aesthetics

This particular gaming room wall art is from our slowly-expanding anime collection. It may not be an iconic scene from the anime or the manga itself, but the way this artist portrayed this lovely character is all we need to solidify its presence in our imaginary gaming room.

This looks really good with a neutral palette, if you don’t want pops of colour. It draws the eye really effortlessly too.

#3 Conquer!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Conquer Legend

Here and behold! The perfect piece of gaming room wall art that embodies the whole idea of sports. Our sports wall art collection includes a lot of wall art that bears logos and epic scenes from sport history. Spanning basketball to hockey.

But if I had to choose one to embody them all, this would be it. Arnold and his proud face.

The black and white serves as the perfect vessel for neutrality in a gaming room that’s rich with colours and other posters. Also, if you’re really into games like NBA2k or FIFA, wall art from our collection would complement that perfectly.

#4 Superheroes Wall Art

What’s that? You play Injustice? You love being Spider Man in the virtual screen?

Say ‘hello’ to a bunch of superheroes from our superhero wall art collection. And truth be told, we couldn’t quite decide.

We have two in our sights. One is this:

5 Panel Avenger Superhero for Kids

And the other is this:

5 Panel Modern Justice League
Justice League

Both are really nice. One adds the realistic movie feel, and is a lovely attention-grabber. The other is a bunch of cool silhouettes that would look great in a gaming room that employs lots of darker colour schemes.

Experiment With Gaming Room Wall Art

Of course, despite our suggestions, your gaming room remains your own. It’s your happy place, where you’re really free to play what you want and not get judged for it.  So you haven’t found the perfect piece that will complete your room yet? No, big deal.

Just keep looking! The cameo piece is out there — waiting to grace your gaming room walls.

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