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5 Floral Wall Art Designs Perfect for a Feminine Bedroom

Padded pink headboards, fancy French accent furniture, crystalline chandeliers, and comfy rugs galore! A feminine bedroom is a dream-come-true for women who like to feel like they’re royal princesses. But it just won’t be quite complete without the addition of fitting floral wall art.

For ages, flowers have long been known to represent femininity. Feminine interior decor is more than just slapping French interior styles everywhere, after all. So if you’re looking for floral wall art that can effectively complement the interior decor you’ve got going on, then look no further than Enjoy Canvas.

Let’s showcase a 5 floral wall art designs that feature soft-hues and lovely scenery that would look right at home in the traditionally feminine bedroom.

#5 Dandelion Wall Art

When you see white dandelions, some people think tranquility and serenity. Others find it looks absolutely tender and delicate. It’s not a surprise why you find a lot of dandelion-themed things decorate some nurseries and kids’ rooms.

For this reason, we’ve picked out this lovely dandelion wall art piece to be included in this list.

The white and green aesthetic brings out that calm and serene atmosphere that you would absolutely need in a bedroom. Plus, the motivational quotes you can put on it aren’t a bad deal either.

#4 Abstract Red, Purple, & Pink Dandelions

Abstract is a beautiful art style. Place that art style with dandelions of different colors, and you’ve got a winner for us. Red, purple, and pink in this canvas would make great pops of color in a feminine bedroom dominated by lighter neutrals.

Set it against a backdrop of white, cream, beige, or ivory, and create an interesting floral wall art focal point in the room.

#3 Abstract Sunflower

Sunflowers are so cheery. And you’d think sunflower wall art would belong better in a dining room or a kitchen. Or in any room in the house that requires lively colors and a bright atmosphere.

But they can work for a bedroom too. Just opt for abstract versions and change some colors. (Although, I’m not exactly sure if you can still call it a sunflower when it’s now pink and not yellow).

But nevertheless, much like the previous item on this list, this pink and abstract sunflower would make a great pop of color in the middle of a room decked to the nines with light neutrals.

#2 Pink Peony

You can’t get more feminine than pink. And light pink peonies will do the trick. Match the chosen atmosphere with patterned wall art that looks like it jumped straight out of a French bedroom in the good old days.

#1 Pink Roses

The category is femininity. So I suppose it’s obvious why our top pick would predictably be pink roses from our rose wall art collection. With such a soft shade of pink, we’re one to think that it really belongs in a nursery with a similar theme.

But of course, who doesn’t enjoy the beauty of roses when you wake up the first thing in the morning?

Floral Wall Art for a Girly Bedroom

Apart from the fact that we are huge fans of biophilic interior design, flowers as wall art designs just bring out stunning details in an otherwise, blank-walled room.

So check out what else we have in store for you, and find something you like. It’s only a matter of time before one particular piece catches your eye.

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