Enjoy Canvas’ Favorites: Top 5 Vertical Wall Art You Should Check Out

Do you have one blank and empty wall in the house or the office? One great way to occupy the space is wall decor. You know this full well already. But have you ever considered plastering an oversized vertical wall art and calling it a day?

It’s convenient, and will take a fair share of effort… But putting vertical wall art in place is a once-and-done kind of thing. You won’t have to worry about replacements, not for a long while (unless of course, you’re planning on redecorating the house months or weeks later).

But for those looking to try something different, unique wall art is a nice option to go for.

Vertical Wall Art Suggestions to Spice up the Place

Enjoy Canvas is all for tradition. We love upholding them just as much as the next sentimental person on the planet. But for sure, we’re not against trying out stuff that challenges the norm and changes the way you look at wall decor forever.

Amongst our abundance of ideas lie our top 5 picks for vertical wall art. We’ve got a considerable amount of them in stock, but we are definitely planning to add more in the very near future.

#1 Calla Lily Canvas Wall Art

This one, we commend and love to put in narrow spaces. To the art’s credit, it’s made with three square panels. Put together, they form a bigger picture, and an image that’s as slender as the space it belongs in. Place these on wall spaces before a hallway for better results.

#2 Colorful Wolf Dreamcatcher

Quite honestly, we love this one because of how dreary and gloomy it is (or cosy, depending on how you see darkness).  It’s vertical wall art that looks very good sandwiched between accent walls and a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf.

Plus, against an interior style that’s very sleek and modern, this contemporary wall art easily takes center of attention.

#3 American Indian Large Painting

Personally, I find this one very charming placed against vertical wall dividers. Even better, having this in your office. It would be simply stunning. The rich colors and the bold style makes for a vibrant piece of artwork, demanding attention from any and all who walk past it.

#4 Beautiful Nail Art Canvas Print

The nails are unreal. It looks gorgeously splendid in waiting rooms, against vertical room dividers, and office spaces. And thanks to the actual image rendered, this vertical wall art is right at home in a spa center.

#5 Peacock in Vertical Canvas

The sheer amount of texture in this vertical wall art is lovely. By now, I’m sure you get the drill. You place these wall arts in wall spaces that are appropriate for it. Three panels on this baby come together to paint a lovely picture that’s textured and layered the house.

It’s my personal favorite. It stands out so much, and is incredibly detailed. Painstakingly made too. Incredibly charming and lovely displayed in hallways, dining rooms, or office waiting rooms.

Shop for Vertical Wall Art!

Vertical wall art is an afterthought to most people. For sure, wall art is a you do you type of thing. But don’t be afraid to think outside the box and be adventurous when it comes to decorating interiors.

By now, it’s well-known that Enjoy Canvas isn’t at a shortage of various collections to present you with. So don’t hesitate to peruse through our collection and find the right wall art just for you and your needs.

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