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Cozy and Warm Living Room Easy Tricks for Fall 2019

Getting ready for the fall season has never been this exciting. Decorating your interior will give you much comfort in your own space. It will make your place livable especially after a day of work. It’s time to warm things up in your living room now that autumn is coming. Cuddling your fave pillow while watching Netflix series will never be this good.

Other than your bedroom, the living room is the place where you and your family get to spend most of your time at home. You can enjoy bonding with them when your living room is very inviting.

Why Get Cozy and Warm During Autumn Season?

Comfy life during fall season
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Fall season comes after summer and before winter. This is the time of the year where you gradually losses the summer vibes you gained last vacation. Temperature also starts to cool down and showers of rain take over the heat of the sun.

What is the best thing you can do to reduce gloominess brought by this sudden change of weather? Of course, snuggle in the warmth of your home. Aside from changing your wardrobe, you can get cozy and warm by redecorating your living room. You don’t want to spend the whole season chilling because of summer hangover, right?

Transform Bare Walls With Elegant Fall-Inspired Wall Art

A 3-Panel Wall Art by Enjoy Canvas
Be Still and Listen. A 3-Panel Wall Art by Enjoy Canvas

Empty walls are boring. By putting up a wall art, it can take your walls into the next level. A gallery of wall prints can make your living room feel inhabited and loved. It’s even a great opportunity to show visitors who you are.

You can choose from different designs that can give your living room an autumn feel. The awesome thing about wall canvas is that you have the option of getting a multi-panel wall art. Multi-panel wall art can fill up most of the space in your living room wall. It’s a new trend nowadays and it looks unique and elegant. 

Choosing the right shades of color is one of the most important things in all aspects of design. Since it’s the season of fall, you may consider sunsets, forests, animals, and flowers.

Accent Your Living Room with Warm Hues For Autumn

A Cozy Living Room Perfect for Fall
A Cozy Living Room Perfect for Fall

Brown, Rusty Orange, Yellow, and all the shades it covers can bring an elegant charm in your living room. These colors have a relaxing effect that is why most homes prefer shading their homes with warm hues.  Autumn’s major color is brown. Many enjoy this season because it provides us with a feeling of tranquility. Especially when leaves start to turn brown and fall from the trunks.

You can consider choosing the right color and texture for your curtain. Aside from giving you privacy, curtains are essential to add style in your living room.

Transform Harsh Lights into Warm Inviting Feels

Good lighting that matches autumn-inspired living room
Good lighting that matches your autumn-inspired living room

Lighting enhances the artistic glamour of your living room. Yes, it can make your place better. But wait, it can also break your entire interior decoration if not given importance. In choosing for your fall-inspired living room, you must consider using warm-colored lights. It’s perfect for deep talks and movies matched with popcorn.

Include Fall-Themed Throw Pillows, Shaggy Rugs, and Furniture

Living room decorated with throw pillows, rug and furniture
Living room decorated with throw pillows, rug, and furniture

Everything you own should reflect you. You must consider your lifestyle in getting furniture. It doesn’t matter how many you have in your living room. What matters most is that you get the best interior glam out of it. Adding plants inside your home can lighten the mood. It will remind you of the beauty of the autumn and spring seasons when winter finally hits.

Pillows are small components of the whole picture of your living room. Throw pillows will always bring you that comfortable feeling when you get to seat on your sofa. You can decorate your pillows with different autumn-feel designs. You can start by picking the shades of color that best suits fall season like brown, white, or floral pink. You can also consider animal prints and forest prints for the fabrics of your pillows.

You can also add shaggy rugs to your space. Shaggy rugs count as an extra luxury to your living room. It also feels soft and cozy under your feet. You can even sit down or lie around your shaggy rugs.

Share the Warmth of Your Living Room with Family and Friends

giphy cozy living room

Finally, your living room is all set for fall. Invite your family and friends to come over and throw in some movies best for rainy days. You can even spend time lying around your living room playing board games like Monopoly or Jenga.

It’s not that hard to redecorate your living room for fall. Follow these tricks to make your living room cozy. Go ahead and start from choosing the right wall art first so the artist in you will kick in.

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