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4 Creative Places in the House to Display World Map Wall Art

Enjoy Canvas has loads of collections that you can peruse. But let’s take things one step further with decor that’s both educational and aesthetically pleasing. By that, I mean consider hanging world map wall art.

Before you click away, hear me out.

Instead of going for plain old scenery wall art, why not go against the grain and opt for something unique like, oh we don’t know, boat wall art? Kidding aside, we recommend that you totally go for our world map canvas art collection though.

Couple your favorite world map wall art with a bunch of awesome interior design ideas, and you have yourself a room that’s decorated according to your tastes.

4 Places in the House Where You Can Hang World Map Wall Art From

Who says world map wall art is only best suited for a home library? Or your son’s bedroom above the study?

Ditch those thoughts and get on board with the wall-art-can-belong-anywhere train!

#1 Kitchen

To anyone who tells me that the kitchen is no place for wall decor, I say you’re wrong! The reason why I think this would look great in the kitchen is because most of us (me included) typically have typography art lining the walls above the kitchen counters.

But if you aren’t that type of person, or don’t share the same taste, this typography world map decor still looks pretty good.

Even you have to admit that.

#2 Home office

Not exactly the most extraordinary place to hang wall art. But it deserves a place in this list. Because we all want a home office that has this gorgeous vintage piece. 

With the right interior decor (preferably one that matches the wall art), this vintage artwork would look so good. Get the blend of the right elements, and it’ll feel like you’re immediately transported to the 1980s. Or something along those lines.

#3 Hallway or foyer

For the retro home… Say hello to a multi-colored world map wall art. It’s a rainbow in it’s own right. You’ll either love it or hate it. But if you belong to the former group, then picture this retro beauty hanging on the empty wall beside the front door. 

To me, it’s like a blend of the past and the present; a merging of 50’s pop art and the contemporary.

#4 Nursery or kids’ bedroom

Enjoy Canvas also features a bunch of kiddie wall art. And oh, the places your little one could go when they fulfill their dreams one day.

Also, it’s really not a bad educational material to teach them about the basics of the world map, right? 

Educational and artistic world maps. Definitely up there as one of my personal favorites.

Hanging World Map Wall Art Wherever You Desire

Once in a while, don’t be afraid to steer clear of the study as the primary choice for hanging your favorite world map wall art.

Try doing it in other places (unlikely places) of the house too, and see what kind of gorgeous decor you could uncover.

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