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5 Ways to Decorate Your Dorm Room Walls and Liven Up Space

To any University student living alone in the dorm room, or sharing it with a roomie, we say, “Make your space your own!” Let’s talk about ways to decorate your dorm room walls, and add some personality to an otherwise drab space.

Creative Ways to Decorate Your Dorm Room Walls

Decking the dorm room out with wall decor is a tough job. That’s because, by nature, they aren’t exactly cute. (No offense, public dorms). You don’t have a lot of free space to work with either. But here’s the awesome news. Most dorm rooms give you a lot of free room for decoration.

With a few key pieces in place, you can pick out dorm room wall decor that can add touches of personalisation to your space.

#1 Paneled Canvas Art

Let’s start with the easiest type of wall decor to find on the internet — paneled canvas art. Apart from being perfectly removable when you’re about to move out, they make great centerpieces even in small rooms.

Try hanging them above your headboard or above your working desk. Medium-sized wall art would look great. And if you want to create a gallery wall, you can get mini-sized canvas wall art and arrange them around the bigger piece to create a symmetrical arrangement.

#2 Pinboard

geometric cork board
Image Credit: Decoist

Pinboards are ideal if you want functional in addition to decorative. Simply purchase a framed cork board or get an unframed one so you can cut them into shapes that you want.

You can paint them in colours that would match your bedroom walls, and of course, hang them without drilling holes into the walls. Just use removable adhesive strips.

#3 Wall Mounted Jewelry Storage

wall mounted jewelry storage
Image Credit: HGTV

If your dresser doesn’t have much space for your jewelry, and of course because your desk is no place to store your bracelets and necklaces, it’s a good idea to start investing in wall-mounted jewelry storage.

This where your cork board can also come in handy. Tack a pin head there, and hang your jewelry after a long day.

#4 Posters

dorm room posters
Image Credit: Daily Campus

The other most common type of wall decor that’s very easy to find are posters. Get wall decor that matches your personality. That applies to choosing wall art and for posters too. Granted, hanging up posters are personal choices.

This is a great idea too if you don’t have the budget for frames. Use washi-type that would complement your wall colours.

#5 Chalkboard On the Side of the Dresser

Image Credit: HGTV

By this, we don’t actually mean a massively framed chalkboard to take up an entire wall space. There are plenty of sheets of removable chalkboard adhesives that are available in your area or the internet.

Tack these to the side of your closet or other blank surface area, and have extra space for notes and other shopping lists.

Liven Up the Space with Great Wall Decor

Your dorm room is a place for two things: relaxing and studying. Plus, it’s your home away from home. So turn it into one and make the space your own without leaving a huge mess when it’s finally time to leave.

Take that dorm room space from basic to beautiful.

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