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Modern Masculine Decor: How to Decorate a Bachelor Pad

When you go on the internet, there’s no shortage of articles talking about the latest interior design trends. But every seasoned decorator knows that you’re going to need all that and more if you want to know how to decorate a bachelor pad. 

This is our crash course on modern masculine decor — talking about what you can implement and include in your man’s room to satisfy his decor preferences.

Of course, for the more cynical members of the house, decorating a “guy’s room” has always appeared like that one place in the house where all the design stops. 

Stereotypically, it’s that room with the old and ratty furniture, coupled with mismatched accessories, and absolutely zero wall decor. Except for that really fancy and big television where he and his buddies could play video games.

Never has there been such a big misconception. Not everyone shares identical tastes after all. We’re all entitled to what we want. 

It’s an entirely unfair perception, however, we don’t deny that for as long as interior decorating has been around, the designing aspect has had a definite focus on women.

But let’s not forget all our male friends who are big on style. Who says they can’t have their own masculine space that’s pristine and contemporary?

And that’s why this article is up today.

Time to know what you need when you’re learning how to decorate a bachelor pad.

How to Decorate a Bachelor Pad: 5 Key Elements

If you’re ready to take on your next man-cave overhaul, let’s skip the generic carpets and the foam finger wall art.

With these 5 key elements in mind, you can create a space that could be epitome of modern masculine interior design.

#1 Choosing masculine colors

interior decor color palettes
Image Credit: Interior Design Ideas

No matter the kind of room you’re decorating, or what style you plan to decorate in, it’s always an ample idea to make choosing your color palette the very first step. Evidently, a masculine room isn’t a place where you can find bright shades or pink or yellow (though you can find some rooms). 

Men’s color trends for rooms range from moody shades of dark colors on one hand, and then warm neutrals on the side.

In addition, classic neutral palettes like black and white work wonderfully in any masculine space. And because masculine decor leans towards darker tones, pops of color are important to break up a color block. Try out warm metallics like brass or gold.

#2 Mixing textures

textures masculine decor
Image Credit: Kathy Kuo Home

Masculine spaces are a mix of textures. The emphasis is on rough, hard, and weathered surfaces. 

Natural materials like stone and distressed wood are always first choices for creating spaces rough-hewn masculine feels. And on the man-made side of the equation, metallics are the preferred texture.

Smooth-finished counterpoints to brick, wood, rough stone, and metallic finishes can be used in small doses through the lighting fixtures and accessories.

#3 Try out geometric patterns

geometric patterns
Image Credit: The Spruce

Outing bright florals and butterfly patterns, it’s going to be a little difficult to find a pattern that’s strictly feminine or masculine. However, some do make a better argument for inclusion than others. 

And generally speaking, you can never go wrong with strong geometric patterns on the walls, the room’s accessories, the rugs, or sometimes even the storage spaces.

How to decorate a bachelor pad is all about clean lines and sharp edges. This is an opposite of the colors and the curves that are widely popular and common in feminine styles.

Geometric patterns on textiles and accessories let you weave this particular aesthetic all throughout the space.

#4 Various accessories

accessories bedroom masculine
Image Credit: Livinator

Just because a room you’re decorating is designed for the male taste, it doesn’t mean your accessory options are limited.

Search for pieces that contribute to the texture of the room, like statues, pottery, stoneware, etc. Books are also a great choice. And finally, invest in textile pieces like throw pillows or a textured blanket over the furniture.

#5 Picking a wall art

And the last element but never the least, your masculine space will need its own great canvas wall art. Art is always the perfect finishing touch to any space, in addition to benefiting your health. It’s also one of the easiest ways to add pops of color to an otherwise moody and neutral space. From creating gallery walls  to incorporating non-traditional wall art.

But aside from that, here are a couple of multi-paneled wall art collections that you could check out for ideas.

Black and White Wall Art

The safest option is always black and white photography. Or in our case, black and white wall art. If your bachelor pad is already rich with color as it is, black and white canvas art is the perfect option. It keeps things safe and ties it all together.

Contemporary Wall Art

A bachelor pad that focuses on modern masculine decor, could do perfectly with contemporary wall decor. Contemporary art is the perfect wall art style for a largely contemporary-looking bachelor pad.

Panoramic Photography Canvas Art

Scenic wall art in the form of panoramic photography canvas wall art is also a great idea for a contemporary bachelor pad. You can choose from a variety of designs that feature great photography of mountains and cityscapes.

In the End,

Connect all of these key elements, and look for ways to connect your art and the rest of your accessories to the wider decor. Create nuanced and layered looks that add depth to a man-centered room.

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