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Custom Wall Art: How to Create a Gallery Wall Everyone Appreciates

Precious moments don’t deserve to be stowed away in a box. Put them proudly on display when you create a gallery wall.

Everyone has a favorite photograph — may it be an important photo of a life-changing event (like your wedding day), shots of gorgeous scenery taken in one of your cherished travels, or casual snapshots of happy and memorable moments in the family that are worth treasuring.

Hanging them up individually and all alone is boring; not to mention, the other objects in the room will easily dwarf your precious photograph. Instead of letting the other furniture overwhelm it, you can help them stand out instead.

And you get both of those things when you enlarge those digital prints, get somebody to customise-print them, and then get to work so you can create a gallery wall your visitors and you can appreciate.

Time to Hang & Create a Gallery Wall

So let’s say you’ve finished gathering all of your favorite photographs and memoirs. In addition, you have them printed up in gorgeous canvas prints. You also know where these prints would be hanging.

But how do you go about putting them up in a stylish fashion?

You know, there’s a good reason why creating gallery walls are pretty popular and why it’s a trend that’s here to stay. The biggest reason most homeowners have is that it transforms empty wall spaces into accent walls — complete with statements.


Image Credit: Decoist

When you create a gallery wall, you add visual interest to a room that used to lack one. It serves as the focal point and a touch of personalisation, and under different circumstances, it’s also useful for guiding the color palettes in a room if you’re looking to redesign.

That aside, let’s talk about how you can create a gallery wall that houses all your favorite memories.

Step #1: Choose the wall space and the room

Perhaps you already have a wall space in mind for hanging. But if you haven’t considered them closely yet, keep in mind that you need to pick a wall that will serve as the center of attention. Consider the placement of miscellaneous objects that might disrupt continuity; like doors, windows, light switches, wall shelves, etc.


After opening the front door, entryway or the foyer is immediately what greets you. If you have wall space available, it’s well-worth looking into if you want to add wall art.

Living room

This room is where visitors and family members gather together. The dining area comes next. That aside, living rooms are great places to show off family personality and memoirs.


Image Credit: the Render


Long or short, hallways provide those large and empty wall spaces that need the charm of wall art. It’s a great place to hang oversized canvas prints, and of course, create a gallery wall for.


Image Credit: Homedit & Studio McGee


For both adults and children, bedrooms are a great place to showcase personal pictures. They make great focal points as they hang above the headboard too.


Image Credit: myWhiteT

Dining room

Unless your home exhibits an open floor plan, empty wall spaces in the dining room are a great place to showcase personal pictures too.


Image Credit: Decoist

Step #2: Find the right layout for the wall space

To create a gallery wall beautifully, you need to consider the size of the space that you have to work with. How you layout your custom-made wall arts depends on the amount of space you have. You need a gallery wall that’s cohesive and put-together — not unfinished and all-over-the-place.

The general rule of thumb is to choose one large or oversized photo print (again, depending on the space) and spread out the other photos around it.

Consider these layouts when you create your gallery wall:

  • Grid: Grids are one of the most common, and perhaps one of the most cohesive and easy. It’s like having an Instagram profile page live on your wall. In putting them all together, make sure all the canvases are the same size and aligned perfectly.
  • Symmetrical: Traditional design is all about symmetry. It’s the same when you create a gallery wall. The key is to align all of the customised photo prints with each other — no matter the size.
  • Asymmetrical: This layout is ideal for smaller spaces, or for homes that boast contemporary or modern interior design. Still, you have to arrange these carefully so they give the eye a directional line to follow.
  • Vertical: Evidently, these are good for limited wall spaces (next to the windows or the doors).


Step #3: Layout the design before hanging


You want to make sure everything’s right and symmetrical. And if you want to create a gallery wall that’s pleasing to the senses, don’t rush immediately to hanging your customised photo prints and suffer through the irrevocable consequences.

Everyone detests the agony of doing something all over again, when you have the chance to do it right the first time.

Lay out the canvas prints of your gallery wall on the floor to make sure of what you want. And when you’re happy with the layout you’ve chosen — and the arrangement, get to work with what people call, the “newspaper trick.”

It’s going to take a lot of work, but you’ve gotten this far, so what’s the harm in doing a little more?

Cut pieces of paper to fit the exact sizes of your prints and the frames. Hang the faux art on the wall with removable tapes. Mark the areas where you’ll need to attach your art however you wish.

Step #4: Hang your custom wall art

Take note of these numbers when you’re hanging wall art:

  • 3-6″ is the ideal distance between pieces of wall decor.
  • 6-8″, on the other hand, is the ideal distance between the top edge of the furniture and the bottom edge of your wall art.
  • 57″ is the ideal height for art on the wall. It also represents the average eye-height of any human, and is even used as a standard for museums and galleries.


Admire Your Gallery Wall


Image Credit: Canvas On Demand

With rules and a step-by-step guide listed above, plus the examples, you are well on your way to create a gallery wall that would truly bring personality and breathe life into a sparse room.

Sure, it will take some work, but trust us when we say it’s going to be worth it.

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