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How to Choose Canvas Prints to Match Your Personality

So based off of the title, we’re going to talk about how to choose canvas prints to match your personality.

Before you exit the post and go on a rage quit, let us say this.

A person’s complete and total personality is hard to pin down, and that’s because personality is subjective. So there’s no such thing as complete and utter labeling here.

But we are going to base these choices on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator — a self-report inventory designed to identify a person’s personality type, right along with strengths, and preferences.

There are 16 personality types

And these types are the basis on which we’ll help you choose canvas prints to match your personality.

Think of this as a guide of sorts. So take it with a grain of salt.

Without further ado, let’s jump in, shall we?

#1 The Thinker — INTP Personality

INTPs are logicians — the most logical-minded of all the personality types. They love patterns, and interested in practical everyday activities. These people have a hardon for logic, and they love brilliant theories.

For decorating these people’s bachelor pads or personal rooms, you can try looking through wall arts that are big on patterns or geometric designs.

Onion Pink Peony

#2 The Visionary — ENTP Personality

ENTP personalities are one of the rarest in the world. They are known as extroverts, but they aren’t huge fans of small talk and they don’t thrive in overly social situation. What they need is constant mental stimulation.

It’s all about discussing theories and facts in remarkable detail when you’re with them. So, if you want to mix art into their interior decor, consider decorating with abstract canvas prints.

Abstract Cow

#3 The Composer — ISFP Personality

The ISFP is an introvert that isn’t quite an introvert. The primary reason for this is because they have trouble connecting to people at first. But when you get to know them better, they’re actually approachable, warm, and even friendly.

They’re spontaneous in nature, and love to live their lives in the present. They’re your type of friend who’s great to tag-a-long with on spontaneous adventures.

So what kind of wall art fits them?

Well, nothing says spontaneous like music and adventure. Travel-inspired canvas art works too.

Eiffel Tower

#4 The Nurturer — ISFJ Personality

An ISFJ person is one of the most considerate people around. They are philanthropists, and are often characterised strongly by generosity. They give back, and support loved ones and friends with enthusiasm.

Pretty much anything will work for somebody who likes giving back. But for them, perhaps the most suitable wall art you can give are floral-themed wall art. It’s like giving actual flowers, except, they’re designed for making statements in a room.

Red roses day

#5 The Supervisor — ESTJ Personality

ESTJ personalities are honest, dedicated, organised, traditional, and are firm believers of what is right and socially acceptable. These people are the epitome of good citizens. For this reason, it’s no surprise that these people are go-tos for counsel and guidance.

And since wisdom and knowledge are such prime embodiments, you can gift these people with lion or owl-themed canvas arts.

products sh00003 1 panel wall art animals owl canvas prints panelwallart.com

#6 The Commander — ENTJ Personality

ENTJs are born leaders. They love being in-charge. Theirs is a world full of possibilities and they view challenges and obstacles as open doors of opportunities to push themselves even harder. They hate sitting still is one way to put it.

These people deserve constant inspiration. And what better way to inspire others than with rich scenery? Or with blue and yellow colors for office spaces.

The Sunset And The Mountain

#7 The Performer — ESFP Personality

Extraverted, feeling, personality perceivers, and observers. For the most part, they’re entertainers. ESFP personalities love the spotlight.

So for your up and coming star pals, or for yourself, get some inspiration from two huge stars in America and in the UK — Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

black and white audrey with interior

#8 The Doer — ESTP Personality

ESTP personalities are driven by the need for social interaction, logical processes and reasoning, and also feelings and emotions. They’d rather fix mistakes as they go, rather than plan for everything beforehand.

We live in a world where self-expression is celebrated and mistakes are just being human. Celebrate individuality clearly with contemporary-themed canvas arts.

City Pace

#9 The Champion — ENFP Personality

ENFPs are champions. They’re all about creating their own methods, habits, ideas, looks, etc. There’s no cookie-cutting for these people, and often trust their emotions since they’re so intuitive.

And there’s nothing like art that drives people to emotions. Get yourself anything artsy.

Colorful Money Tree Canvas

#10 The Providers — ESFJ Personality

An ESFJ is your stereotypical extrovert. They’re social butterflies and revel in constant interaction with other people. This is why they’re so popular. Much like the performer, they revel in the spotlight too.

As a nod to their personality trait, you can get them butterfly-themed canvas art. Fashion-themed art is great too — for inspiration.

Yellow Butterfly

#11 The Idealist — INFP Personality

INFPs are the stereotypical introverts. They don’t like talking about themselves too much, and love spending time in quiet places. They love symbols and signs and metaphors and uncovering the deeper meanings of life. It’s all about imagination and daydreams — throw in fantasies too.

Introverts have large tendencies to be fanboys and fangirls. It’s either anime or superhero characters. Any form of art works with them too.

Naruto on Canvas

#12 The Giver — ENFJ Personality

ENFJ people are people-persons. They get along with others so easily, connect with them seamlessly — no matter the personality. They concentrate on the abstract and what could happen in the future.

Oil paintings and abstract art make great gifts for these type of people.

Abstract Brooklyn

#13 The Craftsman — ISTP Personality

Ah, the mysterious types. ISTPs are characterized for being logical and rational. They’re also enthusiastic and spontaneous. But they hide that from the outside world and they’re actually quite good at it.

So, good luck trying to spot one.

And since they’re like that, pretty much any type of wall art could work for them. Just get to know them first before you do decide to pick out something.

#14 The Mastermind — INTJ Personality

Quiet, reserved, and love being alone. These are what set INTJs apart. They’re incredibly self-sufficient and prefer working alone rather than in a group. Socialising isn’t really their thing. They’re more attracted to ideas and theories.

And if they love theories and ideas, then boy would they enjoy getting stuff to stimulate their mind. So go for blue canvas arts or something colorful too.


#15 The Counselor — INFJ Personality

INFJ personalities are idealists and visionaries, and they are just oozing with creative juices. They have profound ways of looking at the world, and are actually deep-thinkers. They never take things at surface-level — choosing to dive deep instead. People think they’re weird, but that’s just how they are.

For your deep-thinking friends, get them something unique — like their unique outlook in life. Try out knife pallet wall art.

products amov 22 5p side

#16 The Inspector — ISTJ Personality

They appear formal, serious, and proper. But when it comes to ISTJs, you’re just scratching the surface. They’re big fans of old-school values, traditions, honor, hard work, cultural responsibility, etc. They’re also quiet, calm, and upright.

These straight-laced individuals deserve something they can call their own. Inspirational wall art totally would fit their bill.

1 Panel Success Quote Canvas Wall Art interior

Choose Canvas Prints to Match Your Personality

People come in all shapes and sizes. And for all your varied tastes and preferences, there’s artwork for each and everyone. It’s just a matter of finding the perfect one that you love. And if you’re going to give them away, it’s fun to think about incorporating people’s personalities when you choose their gifts.

So have a blast, and get shopping!

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