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11 Canvas Wall Art Ideas for Every Room in the House

Nobody wants a home that only has plain and blank walls. Blank walls are boring, and they’re not fun. When decorating homes, the most common thing to focus on is the furniture. And then the poor walls don’t get much attention. However, if you’re someone who has never tried canvas wall art ideas for every room before, you’re missing out on wall decor that could brighten up the interiors of every room in your house.

Bottom line: wall art is essential for home decor.

Canvas Wall Art Ideas for Every Room in the House

The sad part about considering canvas wall art ideas is that a lot of people search through the market after the room’s been decked out with furniture. Several times, they fail at finding which canvas wall art ideas actually look best with the interior design.

Decorating your walls with art shouldn’t be an afterthought. The best piece of advice? Select a piece of wall art you totally love, and use it as your main reference to decorate your room.

Your end result?

A room that’s so beautifully pulled together, it’s so satisfying. Decorating walls are fun, and you have no shortage of artwork to choose from.

#1 Living Room

The living room is a communal area, and perhaps one of the most visited places. So, of course, it’s the place where you welcome your visitors and where you hang out with your family members. Well, like what we’ll be doing with every room in this article, let’s decorate this living room with a personal touch.

#2 Staircases and Hallways

These places get you from Point A to Point B inside the house. The same goes for the hallways. Are you one of the people who technically just leave the walls alone in this part of the house? Well, these places would be happy recipients of canvas wall art ideas.

The best way to inject a dose of style and personality in your staircases and hallways is to hang up small to medium artwork with a large-sized canvas print. Group them all together and fill up the empty wall space with a gallery wall.

#3 The Fireplace

Okay, so it’s not necessarily a room. But the fireplace is a nice little nook where the members of the family all gather together to do whatever. Who likes staring up at an empty wall while you’re sitting in front of the fire and warming yourself?

Aside from the wall above the mantle, you can also decorate the narrow walls with mini-sized canvas wall art. Align them vertically, and you technically have a mini gallery wall.

Optimal distance to hang wall art is 4-6 inches in from the side. This is so you still have plenty of space to play around with knick-knacks and arrange smaller objects.

#4 Dining Room

Next, to the living room, the dining room also gets plenty of attention from guests when you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinners or anything else of the sort. We understand that choosing wall art is indeed a personal choice. But there’s certainly nothing wrong with fitting the theme of the wall art to the function of the room.

The dining area is a nice place to hang traditional artwork. Food-themed wall art would look great too. And you can have an oversized canvas art occupying one empty wall, or you can arrange smaller pieces to create a gallery wall.

#5 Kitchen

If you’re someone who’s a huge fan of cooking, you spend an unlikely amount of time in the kitchen. And if you aren’t, you still venture to the kitchen to make your coffee in the morning, don’t you?

For this reason, we suggest inspiring wall decor. Nothing like motivational words of wisdom in the morning, am I right? Just be sure to hang them away from the stove. Empty wall spaces are always good.

#6 Workstation

We are slowly but surely working our way inwards. And to start off the personal decorating, let’s begin with the work station (or your home office — whatever you want to call it).

Gone are the days of totally utilitarian offices. Now, it’s a professional design combined with a welcoming atmosphere. Working has never felt so good before.

And since this is also a place of ideas and thinking, you’re going to need canvas wall art ideas that would fit the bill. Let’s take into account a bit of the colour blue, because science says it helps you think. And of course, you can’t forget about inspiring themes and personal mementos.

Nicer surroundings are equivalent to higher productivity.

#7 Reading Nook/Mini Library

Most of us don’t live in homes big enough to house a full-blown library. But for all you bookworms out there, a cosy reading nook is close enough, right?

To keep up with the imaginative atmosphere in the room, consider hanging up nature-themed canvas prints. Daydream-y pieces of wall art would look really great too.

#8 Gaming Room

Hey! Gamers have their own gaming room too. You can skip this bit if you’re not a gaming nerd like some of us. This is a great room to deck out with wall art of your favorite movies or video games.

Ditch the formal gallery walls, and go for asymmetrical arrangements. Also, hanging single paneled wall art is a totally great idea too. It instantly becomes the center of attention — well aside from the techy stuff in there of course.

#9 Bathroom

If you think the bathroom is safe from the wall decorating bonanza, you would be wrong. Because bathrooms deserve a place in our list of canvas wall art ideas too.

The atmosphere in the bathroom is up to you to cultivate. But most people like to have fun with it. And since bathrooms are all about getting clean and having lots of water around, now would probably be a good time to bring in some cute sea-themed wall art. If you’re feeling it, you can have mermaid wall art too for an extra dose of playfulness.

#10 Guest Rooms

Decorating your guest rooms’ walls are easier if you’re going to think like a guest in the house. Generally, you want the atmosphere to be welcome and relaxing. The wall art you choose will depend largely on your room’s colour scheme.

But since calming colours are usually white, light blue, fresh green, cream, earthy brown, etc, it would be a good idea to get wall art that adheres to this theme. Get wall art that’s very welcoming too.

#11 Bedroom

And here we are!

It can’t get any more personal than canvas wall art ideas for your bedroom. In my opinion, this is the best place to go wild by choosing canvas prints that you love. If you’re a big fan of Star Wars, then do Star Wars. If you’re a Nightmare Before Christmas nut, then go insane with Jack Skellington galore.

And if you own a bed that’s lacking a headboard, you should consider having a bedroom gallery wall. If it’s the opposite, then you the empty wall above your headboard could do with some decoration.

Decorate All the Rooms

Even a home with the fanciest furniture won’t be complete without the addition of a couple of tasteful pieces of wall decor. It’s easy to miss, and that’s why rooms feel so empty sometimes. Are you prepared to be amazed at how quickly your interior transforms from drab to stylish with a couple of canvas wall art ideas?

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