Biophilic Interior Design: 4 Wall Art Collections to Check Out

Biophilia was a term that was popularised by renowned scholar, Edward O. Wilson in 1929. And it refers to humans’ innate urge to affiliate with other life. In home design, it’s referred to biophilic interior design. And it’s a concept that focuses on bringing the natural world into your indoor environment.

How you bring the outdoors indoors is completely up to you. And it comes in different forms; from opening doors to invite fresh air, to letting in natural light, and popping plants around the house.

This is not just us jumping into a fad. Biophilic interior design is just as much about home decor as it is about promoting a healthy way to live inside the house (even in the most urban situations).

For this reason, Enjoy Canvas has collections that cater to biophilic interior design.

Biophilic Wall Art Collections

We live in an age where we’re mostly occupied by technology. And for the most part, we spend a lot of time indoors with little to no opportunity to connect to nature. Luckily, biophilic interior design can be implemented in a variety of ways. Decorating the house with plants is just the beginning.

Even hanging up art with depictions of plants and the natural world around you carries with it the very spirit of biophilic interior design. So, let’s jump into our collections for you.

#1 Trees Wall Art Collection

Bamboo Forest

What better place to start than with trees wall art collection? Towering above us and givers of oxygen, trees are part of the reason why we’re alive today. And this is especially great if you live in the city, where planting your own tree in the backyard is almost impossible. 

5 Piece Canvas Art Spring Golf Course Painting Green Forest Wall
Spring Golf Course

So complement your army of indoor plants with high-quality wall art of trees in the forest, or in an aesthetic backyard.

#2 Flowers Wall Art Collection

Beautiful Sun Flowers

Enjoy Canvas has a myriad collection of flowers wall art. From roses canvas art to sunflowers art in the field. These two aesthetic collections are just one part of the big picture.

Big Red Peony

And of course, who could openly detest lovely floral wall art? We know, we can’t. This is especially true if you want a specific vibe in your room.

#3 Landscape Wall Art Collection

5 Panel Train Tracks & Autumn Tree
Train Tracks & Autumn Trees

You can’t get more outdoorsy and in the spirit of biophilic interior design than with our landscape wall art collection. 

Landscape And Green Grassland
Green Grassland

There’s some industrial pieces included in this collection, but a quick look-around will reveal that this collection of ours boast lovely aesthetic scenery too.

#4 Forest Wall Art Collection

5 Piece Canvas Art Green Forest Painting Shimmer Wall Picture
Green Forest

You can’t get more green than a forest. Plus, forests are really lovely places to be, if you dig the natural lifestyle and the charm of the greenery and the moss around you. With that in mind, we came up with our forest wall art collection.

This is the embodiment of biophilic interior design (and wall art) at its finest.

Pair Plant-y Wall Art with Biophilic Interior Design

Is biophilic interior design part of the interior design trends in 2020? Will plants be the next big thing?

Regardless of whether it’s in or out, you can never go wrong with incorporating the beauty of nature into your home decor.

And don’t just stop at hanging these art pieces either. Try out different arrangements. Maybe leaning them against the wall, or perhaps creating a salon-style gallery wall out of them.

See what works for you, and let your biophilic interior design-loving self shine!

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