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6 Fantastic Ideas for Your Own Bedroom Gallery Wall

Something feels off about looking at a bedroom wall that’s empty of decoration whatsoever. And personally speaking, we think it shouldn’t be that way because your bedroom is literally your room. But that’s why we’re here to tell you all about a couple of bedroom gallery wall ideas.

There are hundreds of reasons to simply love gallery walls. It’s difficult to choose just one. Taking that from the perspective of an art lover, it’s simply irresistible to see tastefully made art showcased as a collection on your own wall.

The end result? Your bedroom gallery wall can say a lot about your personality. The best part is that you don’t have to be a professional designer to get stuff like this done.

Bedroom Gallery Wall Ideas You Should Check Out

There’s no limit to how creative your gallery wall can get. You have no shortage of choices and where to purchase your favorite canvas prints.

Another great thing about gallery walls is that it takes up less work than wallpaper and less cleanup than painting. They’re good for making statements and bringing in whatever your room needs — whether that’s pattern, personality, or colour.

Here we go:

#1 Gallery Wall with Lighting


Image Credit: Shine Up Living

Because a bedroom gallery wall will compile a lot of colours and pictures together, hanging them on empty wall spaces make for attention grabbers.

In assembling your images, take your wall colour as a base and choose the colour of your art accordingly. And to highlight those images, top off your bedroom gallery wall with warm lights.

#2 Floor-to-Ceiling Gallery

If you have one giant empty wall space in your bedroom, and you’re a huge fan of seeing art, you can have a floor-to-ceiling gallery wall.

#3 Eclectic Bedroom Gallery Wall


Image Credit: Gypsy Magpie

Yes, it’s referred to as a wall made entirely of art. But it’s eclectic, because you can make use of other wall decors aside from printed photographs. There’s potted plants, faux animal head mounts, light sconces, etc. There’s no limit to how creative you can make your gallery wall.

#4 Patterned Bedroom

Are you a big fan of movement and splashes of statement textures in the room? Well, if you are, you can couple pieces of patterned wall art with your vibrant bedroom decor. You can have a gallery wall dominated largely by patterned pieces of art. From geometric patterns to recurring flower prints.

#5 Minimalist Gallery Wall

Keep it simple but flashy. If you’re not the type to see a bunch of wall art covering up an entire space, you can always go with symmetrical designs for your bedroom gallery wall.

Group a bunch of small-sized wall art around a larger piece, or a medium one. Choose a focal point and arrange the others tastefully around that one piece of wall art to create unity.

#6 Plant-themed Gallery Wall

Can’t get enough of houseplants?

You can have them as the sole focus of your bedroom gallery wall. Get a bunch of wall art pieces that showcase all sorts of plants — from lovely flowers to fresh greens.

Gallery Walls are the Best

If you’re like some of us, gallery walls are a wonderful way to showcase your taste in art. But apart from that, it’s also your chance to emphasize the theme in your bedroom, and foster an atmosphere that makes your bedroom truly all your own.

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