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How to Create Your Very Own Asian-themed Bedroom

An Asian-themed bedroom (and Asian-style interiors, in general) always evoke an image of serenity and inescapable tranquil calm. We’re so used to the fast-paced lifestyle we all live nowadays, that we rarely get a moment to relax. So it definitely helps when you come home and retire to your Asian-themed bedroom — a peaceful abode that lets you escape this never-ending rush of things to do.

Asian-themed interiors are really good at accomplishing this goal through the ushering in of harmony and balance. But of course, creating and putting together an Asian-themed bedroom is more than just adding a few stacked stones here and a cute cherry blossom tree there.

It’s going to take care, precision, and a clear thought process that will let you do away with any unwanted additions.

Decorating Your Own Asian-themed Bedroom

At its very core, Asian interior design is a fusion of many different styles. They range from Japanese to Chinese to an incorporation of exotic Indian themes. And for the most part, it’s also dominated by many oriental influences that originate from the Far East several centuries ago.

Here are some ways to incorporate and design an Asian-themed bedroom you can be proud of.

#1 Incorporate a lot of a nature

Image Credit: Pinterest

This is one motif that you’ll almost always find in an Asian-themed bedroom. And that is nature. They range from murals of landscapes, florals, or animal life. Biophilic interior design is a big part of putting together an Asian-themed bedroom. 

Try out small sculptures or collectibles, or a small gathering of plants, driftwood, and many other natural materials. All of these do great for bringing the natural world inside, creating that feeling of peace and harmony through the entire space.

#2 Opt for minimalist interior design

Image Credit: Interior Design Ideas

For the record, Asian style isn’t strictly minimalist in nature. But for the most part, it is. Even more so if the primary influence is Japanese design. It’s all about being free of clutter and unnecessary furniture. They’re mostly simple in color scheme and symmetrically balanced. It’s strongly influenced by Zen too, where ease of mind and quiet contemplation is the key for restful sleep.

#3 Try out platform beds

Image Credit: Interior Design Ideas

The most common type of bed you can find in an Asian-themed bedroom is a platform bed. Featuring sleek designs (that make use of platform slats rather than a foundation or box spring), it’s only immensely popular for being clean and simple in design.

Mix a platform bed with other Asian-themed decorating staples (like nature motifs, minimal furniture, and simple color schemes), and you get a peaceful bedroom that can help keep your mind serene after a long day of work.

#4 Get Tansu-style cabinets & Shoji screens

Image Credit: Custom Made

Another piece of common furniture found in Asian bedrooms is a Japanese Tansu-style cabinet. There are various types of Tansu cabinets, but the most popular design is known as the step chest (Kaidan-Dansu), and it resembles a mini-staircase. Also, it’s really perfect for the small bedroom.

Image Credit: Kikuchi Japan

In addition, consider getting Shoji screens, also known as paper screens. They’re common in Japan and used to separate spaces in the home, and they’re easy to use to incorporate into an Asian-themed bedroom.

#5 Decorate Walls with Asian-themed Wall Art

Of course, any room won’t be complete if you leave big empty wall spaces around the room. Depending on the size of your walls, you might want to choose from a selection of single-panel canvas arts and a multiple-panel wall art.

And because nature is such a big part of an Asian-themed bedroom, you should check out our collection of flowers and trees wall art. There’s art from our cherry blossom wall art collection, calla lily canvas art prints, and some trees wall art too.

You can see cool finds in our landscape wall art collection or our forest canvas prints.

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Asian-inspired Bedrooms for Everyone

You don’t have to be French to enjoy and love the charm of French interior design. It’s the same with creating an Asian-themed bedroom. It’s a gorgeous blend of Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and other Asian cultures that aren’t just in the Far East.

Eastern decorating vibes are peaceful, serene, uncluttered, and inspired by nature. Small wonder that people all over the world take to its charm. It’s tranquil, versatile, and even slightly formal in style. Try out an Asian-themed bedroom and see how much you like it.

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