Top 3 Animal Wall Art Collections to Consider This 2020

Who doesn’t fancy digging through animal wall art collections every now and then?

2020 in Chinese tradition is the year of the metal rat. And since it’s obvious that everyone wants to be lucky, we did a little digging and found something interesting. 

Of course, the official Year of the Rat begins on January 25th, but what’s stopping us from showcasing these top 3 animal wall art collections that you should consider getting?

In 2020, the most favored signs in the Chinese Zodiac are the Tiger, the Horse, and the Rabbit.

I bet you can guess which top 3 animal wall art collections are getting featured today.

#1 Tiger Wall Art Collection

Those born under the Chinese Zodiac Tiger have plenty of luck in the education department. Showcase how proud you are for being born in the year of the fierce tiger! Enjoy Canvas has a sizable tiger wall art collection if you’re an enthusiast and a lover of wild felines.

From lovely neutral renderings that would look great in a colorful space, like this:

To a stunningly adorable picture of a pair of tigers in the wild:

Of course, to complement contemporary interior decor, we don’t have a shortage of artistic renderings of tigers either.

Just like this one:

#2 Horse Wall Art Collection

Ah yes, the majestic animals that ride into the battle beneath the world’s greatest conquerors! For those born in the Chinese year of the Horse, 2020 will be year of introspection. It will be all about deepening their faith and going deeper into spirituality. 

Animal wall art like horses complete interior decor in stunning ways, depending on your choice of interior style or furniture pieces.

And lucky for you, Enjoy Canvas has got you covered when it comes to finding a horse wall art collection too.

From surreal renderings of horses on 5-panel wall art like this:

To slightly more realistic ones much like this one:

#3 Rabbit Wall Art Collection

Cute, fluffy, and absolutely squeal-inducing. Rabbits are one of the best creatures in this planet. Rabbit natives are prone to financial and relational success this year. Who knew that such a tiny furry creature could bring so much luck if you were born underneath its year banner?

As far as animal wall art goes in Enjoy Canvas, we don’t have a whole lot of bunnies yet. But we do plan to expand the lovely rabbit wall art that we already do have.

More Animal Wall Art to Come!

You may not believe in this Chinese Zodiac business, but it’s fun.

Nature-centric designs like biophilic interior design are all the rage right now. So it’s certainly not bad to admire the wonders of nature in your own house, even through something as simple as animal wall art. 

So keep exploring our collections, and you just might find something that caters to your taste and completes your interior decoration at home, at the same time.

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