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5 City Oil Paintings on Wall Art Canvases for your Contemporary Style

Be enthralled in the city’s beauty with these amazingly painted cityscapes just perfect for your contemporary museum at home or office. The view and the dimensions are definitely in line with the city’s stunning life while having that high-quality taste of art. Have that new apartment you’ve been dying to decorate or an empty bed wall bothering you for quite some time now? Check out Enjoycanvas’s selection of City Oil Paintings to upgrade the contemporary aesthetic of your space.

1. Abstract Brooklyn 

This amazingly detailed yet abstract structure of the Brooklyn Bridge has been meticulously hand-painted by our skilled in-house artists on high-quality waterproof canvas. The colors give you the feeling of rainy weather, where you make yourself a cup of coffee, sit next to the window, look out the window to see this magnificent bridge, but you don’t even have to fly to Brooklyn to view it. 

This wall art can be placed anywhere in your space, so you’ll get the chance to see it any chance you get. Perfect for those rainy afternoons reading a book while cozying up on your couch.

2. A Different Perspective

Some things are just beyond words. With this appealing and fascinating work of art, your guests will surely be at a loss for words. The strokes and dark colors of the background accentuate the woman’s colorful image in the center and the woman at the side of the painting. It embosses the colorful subjects and makes them pop on the entirety of the art piece. It makes you understand the difference of perspectives between the city’s hard and blunt structures in contrast to the colorful and flowy patterns of the subjects.

A great piece to display at your living room area where you and your guests can discuss the true meaning of this wall canvas art. 

3. Big City Life

Take a gander at the big city life depicted on this hand-painted wall art canvas. You’ll even feel the hustle and bustle of the city folk from this wall art canvas. It’s just breathtaking to see the city on your wall with panels separating each detail from the other. It makes you think about the vast possibilities you can do with this piece. You can even choose from different sizes of panels to fit your preference. 

You can fit a whole big city in your living room, isn’t that a view to look forward to when you go home from work? You might want to look at it all day, and yes, there is no sleeping in the city. 

4. Busy Busi

You can feel the warmth of the light posts from just staring at this exquisite wall art canvas. The city’s painting with the crowd of people going to and fro seems to be in a season of celebration like Christmas or New Year. This piece is perfect for those holiday get-togethers with your friends and family. You could say that it reminds you of the Christmas eve rush where people are on their toes buying gifts, purchasing Christmas trees, and ordering a bunch of ingredients to take home and cook for the family. 

The great thing about this is this doesn’t have to be displayed just for the holidays; you can hang this up all year round without any damage thanks to the poly-cotton canvas that will retain that high-quality vibrance for years to come.

5. City Block

Now, this is a decor that’s up for your interpretation and imagination. Let your guests have a go at what it is and have a great time having wonderful conversations about this abstract wall art canvas’s lines and colors. An image of art so deep it cannot even describe what it is in its entirety.

A city has never been so mysterious yet bright and colorful, well not until you hang this stunning piece on your empty wall. This wall art is sure to amaze everybody who will gaze upon it. 

These contemporary wall art canvases of cityscape oil paintings are breathtakingly beautiful. Still, it doesn’t stop there, and you can have this delivered to your doorstep, as it comes with strong mounted hooks so that you can hang it easily from out the box. Another great thing is you can even set every panel to the size of your preference expressly set to fit your space through our panel size chart. 

If you need suggestions for your contemporary decor, check out this sofa and light fixture that goes great with these wall art canvases. Ready to purchase these wall art canvases? We look forward to your decorated space.

We hope these sparked your interest in your art.  If you want to have your masterpiece up on your wall to live its glory, Enjoycanvas can also have your custom-made piece become a hanging work of art through the Customizable Canvas Wall Art option. Have the freedom to decorate your space and express your creativity and passions.

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