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Rolled canvas prints

       Rolled canvas prints means printed canvas only, without stretcher bars, would be rolled in tube for shipping.

       All the canvas prints have the characters–Vivid color& Color fading resistant & Waterproof & UV protective coating.   

       For those who want to stretch the canvas themselves or use the canvas for other purpose, we can print onto rolled canvas sent to you in a tube.
       We would leave additional border for you to allow for stretching(5cm to each side by default). You could choose the printed canvas to be left with color border or mirror border. You also could choose to get the printed canvas only, without any border.

White border
color border The printed canvas would be left 2inch extra white border to each side of the printed image area.The border color could be white, black, backgound color or any other color.
Mirror border
mirror border

The printed canvas would be left 2inch extra mirror border to each side of the printed image area.

 Mirror border means just simply mirrors your image onto the border of the canvas thus displaying your full image on the front of the canvas after you stretch them.

No border
full image

There would be printed image area only, without any border left.

Some parts of the image can be lost to the sides of the canvas frame when this no border prints is wrapped.


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